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The Scholarship Jacket-Marta Salinas

No description

archana karuppiah

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of The Scholarship Jacket-Marta Salinas

The next day, the principal calls Martha down to his office. Very important news will be told to her.
By Marta Salinas
The main characters:
Martha: an intelligent Mexican American girl in eighth grade who lives on her grandfather's farm.
Martha's Grandpa: a strong-willed and determined farmer who cares about Martha.
The School Principal:a man that is caring for all of the students at the school.
The story is told by Marta's point of view in 1st person.
Martha couldn't believe her ears; she is so excited to get the scholarship jacket. After school, she goes home and tells her grandpa. Martha tells him that she will get the scholarship jacket for free, and it was all thanks to what her grandfather said to her. Her grandfather just smiled and gave her a pat on the shoulder.
The Scholarship Jacket-Marta Salinas

Rising Action
When Martha goes to pick up her P.E shorts, she over hears her two teachers, Mr.Schmidt and Mr.Boone, talking about her in her classroom, it catches her attention and she ends up eavesdropping on their whole conversation. She was very disappointed to hear that she might lose the jacket to Joann just because her father was in the school Board and that Martha was Mexican.
Falling Action
The principal said that he would make an exception in her case, in which she wouldn't have to pay for the jacket. Martha gets very joyful when hearing this news. She smiles because she will receive the jacket after all.
By: Archana Karuppiah, Sneha Saxena, Grace Joo, Natalie Matichuck, and Dylan Nguyen.
We hope you learned a lot about this short story written by Marta Salinas!
This story takes place in Texas. Two main areas are Marta's school and her grandfather's farm. It's a warm time of year in Texas in this story... the sunny season of spring in the month of May.
Martha has gotten the highest grades in the school for the past 8 years, so she will receive the scholarship jacket, which is given to the person who does so. Martha is very excited to get it, but a small conflict involving money and discrimination comes her way.
The principal tells Martha that she must pay $15 if she wanted to receive the jacket. A disappointed Martha asks her Grandfather for the money, but he refuses to. He says that if she payed the $15, it wouldn't be scholarship jacket anymore. She understands what her grandfather was saying to her and later tells the principal that her grandfather refuses to pay for the jacket.

We believe that the theme of "The Scholarship Jacket" is that you should fight for your rights and don't give into the discrimination of others. We think this is the theme because in the story, Martha main conflict was against discrimination; just because Joann's father was the head of the Board, she was going to get the scholarship jacket. If Martha's grandfather hadn't justified why the scholarship jacket should have been free, Joann would have earned a reward she didn't deserve. Martha's grandfather proved that if you believe something different than others and can prove it, you can get what you want by speaking up for yourself.
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