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Flatirons Real Estate Presentation

No description

Sarah Flora

on 29 June 2015

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Transcript of Flatirons Real Estate Presentation

Flatirons Real Estate Presentation

PDG Team
Matt - Development Partner

Greg - Medical Partner

Fred - Operating Partner
Butch Nuss - Vice President of Development
John - President of Development
PDG by the Numbers
Experience of
Executive Team
100+ Years of Healthcare Experience
Transitional Care
A Brand New World
The Floor Plan
% of Cases Discharged to Home
The Opportunity
48 Bed Transitional Care Unit with skilled rehababilitation
50/50 partnership local Physicians, healthcare professionals, and PDG
Patient monitored and centered for better outcomes

Comparative Bed Need Analysis
Age 65+ 5 Year Population Growth
Partner Candidates
Primary Care

Patient Mix
How many patients do we need?
Average length of stay is 20 days = 90 admits/month
3 admits/day
Changing Healthcare & Payer Environment for Physicians

64 Bed Skilled Rehab Model
$1.5 Million for start up and stabilization
Physicians ownership of up to 50%
Minimum Investment $15K = 1 unit (1/2%)
Only guarantee lease, not Real Estate debt!
Returns of 20% cash on cash from our experience

Bond Ownership
PDG is raising up to $3 million in 10 year equity bonds
Minimum Subscription is $25,000
$25,000-$149,999 yield 7.25% return
Investments at $150,000+ yield 8% return
Self Directed IRA as also an option
Patient centric focus
Rehab driven model
Continuum of care vs. simply serving as an investment vehicle for physicians

Improving lives. Exceeding expectations.

Great People
Thank you.
Encourage local physicians to assist in the design of the care model
Flexibility in plant allows for different uses/product lines in the same location
Organizational bench strength
Not limited exclusively to SNF care; can bring multiple elements of senior care (assisted, independent living) to the table for your patients, physicians and investors
Maintain a long term interest in the business vs. a build and flip model
Pinnacle III long term involvement at some level
Short term stay model for acute surgical cases providing the ability to control post-surgical cost
Track record of running multiple profitable locations
Improving lives. Exceeding expectations.
At PDG every decision we make is filtered through our Purpose and 10 Guiding Virtues
For us it's all about the people.
Clinical Outcomes
Founded in 2006
Developed 12 senior facilities ($70M)
5 facilities in development (KC & Front Range)
$45MM- 2014 projected revenues
450+ healthcare investors
Physician owned from inception
Collectively managed 83 properties in 15 States
Operations driven, not development driven
Memory Care
Long Term Care
Fresenius Dialysis
Independent Living
Avita Health and Rehab at Reed's Cove
Fill out Subscription Agreement by January 31st, 2015
Fund by March 1, 2015
Construction Start Target- March 1st, 2015
Opening Target- Spring 2016

Next Steps

Area 1
Bed Needs: 2,188
Bed Supply: 1,526
Bed Shortage/Excess: (622)
Bed Needs: 971
Bed Supply: 755
Bed Shortage/Excess: (216)
Bed Needs: 875
Bed Supply: 904
Bed Shortage/Excess: 29
Bed Needs: 952
Bed Supply: 506
Bed Shortage/Excess: (446)
Bed Needs: 1,527
Bed Supply: 1,467
Bed Shortage/Excess: (60)
Bed Needs: 1,152
Bed Supply: 824
Bed Shortage/Excess: (328)
Bed Needs: 1,152
Bed Supply: 970
Bed Shortage/Excess: (182)
Bed Needs: 2,100
Bed Supply: 1,220
Bed Shortage/Excess: (880)
Phoenix Metropolitan Area
Assisted Living
Larry - Chief Development Officer
Operations Investment

Real Estate Investment
Bond ownership
No cash calls
Priority position
No personal financials, tax returns or guaranties
10 year Maturity Date
Strong Returns
$1-1.5 Million for Start Up and Stabilization
Physician Ownership of up to 50%
Minimum investment $10K to $15K = 1 unit (1/2%)
No Personal Financials, Tax Returns or Guaranties
Historical Returns of 20% on Investment
Operational Investment
Transitional Care is a non designated healthcare service
Safe Harbor for Physician ownership of 40%
Counsel says 50% has been tested and passed
Does Stark Law or Anti-Kickback Apply?
Answer: NO

Aging Population with major growth on the horizon
2011-2030, 10,000 people per day turn 65
(Source: Pew Research)
Most senior care centers 20-40 years old
Medicare will increase reimbursement by 2% in 2015
Patients managed better thus decreasing re-admissions
Physicians looking for a positive investment in their sector

W. Century Drive & Century Place
Rendering of Flatirons Facility
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