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3 Ensembles

Music BTEC level 3 project - A comparison between 3 ensembles.

Jake Taylor

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of 3 Ensembles

These techniques can be compared
between other ensembles, as they
vary due to their contrast. From a major event at the 02 arena, to
a humble open mic night at the local pub,
an ensemble always has certain
techniques when performing live. This type of performance is usually seen in stadiums, arenas and other large venues. Michael Jackson - Billie Jean Dance Lighting I don't need to tell you how iconic
the 'moonwalk' is. It is used to its
full potential here, and plays a
major part in the spectacle. The
choreography is rehearsed with the
rest of the band, and a small interval
in the song helps to emphasise the
dance. Therefore, he would have to
listen very carefully to the rhythm of
the song, and the band has to communicate
with each other in order to all come
in at the same time. Interactivity Maroon 5 - This Love As is the choreography, the lighting is a
massive visual display which has also
been timed with the song. It helps to liven
the event by using vivid and bright colours.
The staff manning the lighting have to know
when to change the intensity, so must perform
the routine with the ensemble initially. Lighting
is effective, as it can help convey the mood of the
piece easily. For example, a setting of subtle blue
indicates a chilled 'cool' tone, whereas bright yellow
would emphasise a 'happy summer' theme. Victor Borge Humour The initial comparison that I found was
the connection between the audience
and the musicians. The song has been
altered in order to invite listeners to
sing along. This kind of technique is
commonly used with large audiences,
as the sheer number of people singing
is entertaining in itself. As there is only
vocals in the introduction, the drummer
is keeping the tempo with a constant
rhythm on the hi-hat, so the singer can
keep time. This performance is a comedy act, and uses music as the 'props'. This instantly draws up comparisons as the means of entertainment are different. Instead of lighting and dancing, the visual aid here is acting. In Summary... These comparisons are all factors of the ensemble's
venue and target audience. It is these factors which determine the techniques that are used live. For example, at a stadium, the ensemble would try to use lighting, call and response and other interactions in order to make the experience more interesting. In contrast: at a more formal venue such as a wedding, this would be inappropriate.
The interactions with the audience would be
minimal, and lighting would usually be plain and clear. Co-operation This performance works as
a duet act, so they must be
in perfect timing with each
other. Borge leads as the
frontman, and gives verbal
cues, that also add to the
humour. These kind of cues
are not as precise as, say, a
click intro, but this would not
work as well in this context. Lose Yourself - Choir Comparison It is a number of factors that bring down
the overall performance of the choir.
First of all, the preparation taken before
the act is poor, considering the repertoire. They have purposely chosen a modern rap song to add novelty, but the style completely conflicts with the nature of a choir: many vocal harmonies, with a commonly simple rhythm. The rhythm of the song is far too complex, so many of the members of the choir are out of time with each other. Co-operation is non-existent, as it seems each person is too focused on the rhythm to interact with each other. The choir follows an accompanying piano, so they must have key listening skills in order to follow the tempo of the song. However, despite the poor performance, the organisation of the ensemble is commendable. They have been given good space to both been seen by the audience, and so they can see and communicate with each other.
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