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Youth's Problems in Turkey

No description

Reyhan Üstün

on 17 December 2015

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Transcript of Youth's Problems in Turkey

Youth's Problems in Family System, Education and Employment in Turkey
Family System Conflicts:
Modern Family
Traditional Family
Educational System:
Paid Education
Lack of Infrastructure
Problem of Youth Employment
Problem of Youth Unemployment
Main Problems
Looking at the historical background of our culture, the family, education, most of the traditions and beliefs, we conclude that it carries some negative features. Most important are authority dependency, lack of self authorities, dogmatism, fanaticism and emphasize too much on social values. These issues are the main and social whereby
important problems emerges as a result.
Besides, social , cultural, psychological, economic and political fields , and many more subjects are important youth issues.
Family System Conflicts
Regional and cultural characteristics
Paid education
Incline the marriage of girls
Incline the labor of men
Memorization of knowledge
Not giving the opportunity to discover talent
Lack of vocational training trends
Educational System
Unemployment as a social issue
Poverty and its results
Unemployment of the youth
Rates of the State Institute of Statistics
Work areas of the youth
Employment and Unemployment
In Western Region (Modern Families):
Care about their children "too much" or "nothing"
Show undue interest in them
Claiming excellent growing to their children
In Eastern Region (Traditional Fam.):
Honor killings
Early marriages
Having child early (young mothers)
Reyhan Üstün
Başak Bostan
Gülşah Gece
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