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The Shang Dynasty !!

casey dnya renate

Mr J Daykin

on 13 January 2015

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Transcript of The Shang Dynasty !!

The Shang Dynasty !!
The shang dynasty was located at the Yellow River. It was called this because clay dust blows from central Asia and into it. The shang dynasty is a myth or a legend from 1600 b.c - 1046 b.c.The shang dynasty is important because it is the oldest chinese dynasty: there is evidence that explains that it exists.
The Social Classes
Peasents live on the piece of land that they worked on. they only got a little piece of food, which was what they had harvested. In the summer,peasents lived in bamboo temporary homes placed on the land. They worked 24 hours -they didnt get to have a break, they had to follow the Nobles orders.
By about 2000 BC, people in China learnt how to make bronze out of tin and copper. People began to make jars and even the walls were made of bronze. They are famous for their bronze and jade work. When their kings and emporars died they decorated their tombs with jade.
In that time, there were four social classes, which were Nobles , Priests , craftsman, peasants and slaves. The Nobles had a piece of land that a family would work on and if a farmer was caught hoarding food then the Noble would kill him. The Nobles had a lot of food, which was delicious. He had food that had spices in them:the farmers would have a little bit of rice that they would have looked after. The Nobles would have had walls that were lavishly decorated.

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