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Lizzie McGuire Movie

Nateisha's Language Assignment 7H

Nateisha Crowe

on 8 June 2010

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Transcript of Lizzie McGuire Movie

The Lizzie McGuire Movie The Lizzie Mcguire Summary:

* Lizzie is getting ready for granduation
* Her little brother Matt sends in a car with a camera on it
* She starts sing and dancing around her room
* pulls out clothes and trys them on
* Falls into the bath
* Asks Gordo how does she look
* Be asked to make a speech
* Makes a speech where is is also scared
* Trips over and breacks the curtian wich fell on the graduating students
* Ms Ungermeier arrives at the airport
* Lizzie hugs her family good bye
* Lizzie and Gordo are on a plane to Rome
* Lizzie is asleep on Gordo's shoulder
* Lizzie is roomed with kate
* Lizzie and Gordo goes on the roof top
* Go to the trevi fountain
* Makes a wish
* Meets Paolo
* Gets and big roll of cheese off a lady
* Gordo spots a poster of a girl call Isabella and paolo
* Lizzie looks like Isabella
* Paolo is scared of Ms Ungermeier
* Lizzie liserns to a music disc that Isabella and Paolo are singing
* Lizzie pertens to be sick
* Lizzie sneaks out of the hotel
* Meets up with paolo
* Lizzie and Paolo rides on a motorcycel
* Serga follows Paolo every where
* Matt is talking to he friends
* Lizzie spot Ms Ungermeier
* Gordo distraces Ms Ungermeier from seeing Lizzie
* Paolo and lizzie rides away
* Gordo is on Ms Ungermeier list
* Bus get held up
* Paolo tells lizzie that Isabella lip singings
* Paolo asks Lizzie to pesents an award on stage
* Lizzie areegs to paolo
* Lizzie tells Gordo about the plan
* Enths saids that Grodo likes Lizzie
* Matt finds a site that lizzie is on about Isabella
* Ms Ungermeire gives Lizzie a roman book to read
* Sneaks out again
* Lizzie and paolo goes to a fashion shop
* Grodo mets two girls that had a magazine that lizzie was on
* Meet the Fashion Designer
* Trys dress on
* Makes her own design
* gives out signers
* Grodo spots Lizzie
* Going back to the hotel
* Kate knows that Lizzie has been sneaking out
* Lizzie spills out the information about her and paolo
* Gordo told Lizzie that she had to sing on stage
* Matt lies to his parents to go to Rome to bust lizzie
* Paolo takes Lizzie to a beautiful garden
* Paolo makes a promise
* Paolo takes lizzie to see fireworks and said that lizzie is beautiful
* Gordo sees firework from the hotel
* Matt blow it from hiding the picture of lizzie
* Grodo trys to save Lizzie and gets sent home
* Paolo and Lizzie practice for the big night
* Kate told Lizzie that Gordo went home
* Grodo spots Isabella
* Isabella asks about Lizzie and Gordo asks about Paolo
* Lizzie was going to turn her self in
* kate helps Lizzie get out
* Lizzie parents come to the hotel
* ethan spills the secret
* Lizzie and paolo are at the colssum
* Gordo shows up with Isabella
* Isabella and Gordo trys to tell Lizzie the true
* Paolo and Lizzie start to sing
* Isabella comes to the rescue
* paolo starts to sing badly
* Lizzie and isabella start to singing
* Serga quites from begin paolos body guard
* Isabella leave Lizzie to sing solo
* Lizzie becomes a Star
* Lizzie parents ground lizzie for the whole summer
* Lizzie KISSES Gordo Lizzie Lizzie is an ordinary girl who
went to Rome. She is an independant character, who has has a passion for singing. She comes from a "normal" family but she thinks her family is strange!!!! Matt Matt's is Lizzies little brother who likes
to embarras her. Matt is funny while doing
his projects. He tries to get Lizzie in trouble by
playing practical jokes.
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