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Silverthorn's Outdoor Classroom

by Bryan, Emilio, Alex F, Hina, Nicole and Mateo

Bryan Lee

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Silverthorn's Outdoor Classroom

Ideas For The
Outdoor Classroom These are some ideas we had about the outdoor classroom. Have a look at them. Things we don't want -a roof
-a blackboard
-artificial structures
-a pond By: Emilio, Nicole, Bryan,
Mateo, Alex F, and Hina Silverthorn's
Outdoor Classroom Ideas What are some things that belong in an outdoor classroom? -trees
-things to sit on (boulders, stumps)
-wood chips or a stone path
-animals We have some trees in our building area. We could sit on these benches. We could learn easier when sitting in a circle. We could have a stone boundary. A tree like this would be perfect for our outdoor classroom. We might have wood chips like these. We might have beautiful insects like this. Chirping birds would be a great addition! We don't need a blackboard like this. We won't need a roof and we'll use natural light. We can't have a pond, though. We don't want playgrounds like this because we already have one. We hope you learned something from this
presentation and thank you for cooperating
and showing respect by listening. We also
hope that you enjoyed the show! Questions?
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