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The Fault in our Stars

No description

Beverly Soriano

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of The Fault in our Stars

By: John Green
313 pages
Realistic Fiction The Fault in our
Stars * Protagonist Hazel
She's had cancer since a young age and it's gotten to "stage
4" ~Flaw
Nice, REALLY smart, loving, kind, and shy ~Traits
She wants to meet her favorite author (Peter Van Houten author of "An Imperial Affliction) while staying alive as long as she can ~Objective
A boy she met in Support Group (sorry only for people with cancer) and her parents (boy's name is Augustus Waters Antagonist Hazel's cancer
Traits: Hurtful, mean, powerful
Flaw: Only located in lungs, keeps her home
Objective: Take over her body, kill her
Motivation: Turning into other cancers such as
Osteosarcoma Main Conflict Person vs. Self Setting The setting is modern day. Plot Structure Goes in chronological order.
No flashbacks although talks about her past.
One subplot with her cancer and Augustus.
Goes in order of her life - it starts off with her - a
sixteen-year-old girl who only friend (that she talks to
since "pre-miracle") is her mother and Issac, a boy
also sixteen with eye cancer. and on from there. Point of View Told in Hazel's POW Internal Conflict Because Hazel wants to live and fight cancer as "pre-miracle". So she's fighting with her own self/body. Person vs.
Self Modern Indianapolis - Modern Amsterdam It's a typical, "American" city. Contrast to Amsterdam
with its as "A city that lights up" with it's Red Light District and canal boats gives it a romantic, free
feeling - Total Opposites. 1st Omniscient Hazel gives insight on everything tells about her
feelings and uses words like : Me, I, We, Us,
Our. * Diction Words very advanced. Aforementioned- Denoting a thing or person previously mentioned Encompassingly- Surround and have or hold within Pneumonia- inflammatory condition of the lung Phalanxifor- a drug made to shrink a
tumor Evangelical- a protestant christian
movement that began in the 17th century. * Tone John Green's attitude toward not only his story, The Fault in our Stars, but to people with cancer is very personal, when he originally stared writing this story in 2000 he was volunteering in a hospital (where else would you get inspiration?) with cancer patients. So he is well informed on how cancer can be. Later in 2012 a Nerdfighter named Esther Earl (who was one of John's favorite Nerdfighters) died of cancer so he dedicated The Fault in our Stars to Esther - Esther Earl died on November 1st 2012 of Thyroid Cancer. Character Irony John Green uses Dramatic and Situational Irony to always keep readers on the edge of their seat or 'up all night' continuing to read. One case when Dramatic Irony is used is when: *le story time*
One case when Situational Irony is used is when: *le yet another quote from book* * * Literary
Effect I was overwhelmed with not only how good it was but how much
"character" each person had and they didn't seem fake or made up
but like you were there, a random unidentified someone who was watching the whole thing unaware of what it may bring but happy to be there. Five Star rating. * * * * * Recommendation I recommend this book to people 12+ because of the amount of drama and sadness there is and i don't think even i approved of myself reading it at sometime and i felt like "no i don't want to read this because she's gonna die at the end" but you never know if she does or doesn't a lot can happen in 313 pages she may die and she may not. The End ? Or is it
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