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My Awesome, Beautiful, Amazing, Thrilling, Intriguing, Cool, Fascinating, Creative, Magical, Talented, Wicked, Perfect, Epic, Spectacular, Sophisticated, Worldly, Unique, Majestic Life

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Ana Brinkerhoff

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of My Awesome, Beautiful, Amazing, Thrilling, Intriguing, Cool, Fascinating, Creative, Magical, Talented, Wicked, Perfect, Epic, Spectacular, Sophisticated, Worldly, Unique, Majestic Life

STARTS HERE! My Life Born: 8:02 am Birthday: April 4th 2000 Baby years First Steps:
I learned to walk pretty late- 18 months, where most babies started walking at 8-9 months! First Words: Nobody can remember! A few weeks after I was born my dad
took me out on a walk in my stroller
and he was picking me up when he
dropped me from about six feet up!
Luckily it was on grass and he dropped
me on our picnic blanket so it was a
soft landing! Funny Stories (uh-oh!) Toddler Years Memorable Moments After a few years of being in our tiny apartment we finally moved in to our house.
We were out at Tofino Tofino on Vancouver Island when we heard that we
finally owned the house! That's not actually our house! Hall of Memories Hi there! My First Halloween I like Pancakes! With JAM! It's not ACTUALLY our house (but it could be)! (K. - 3) Primary Grades Memorable Moments Funny Stories! Hall of Memories Skiing! NOW! Intermediate Born at: Vancouver Woman's Hospital City: Vancouver
Country: Canada Major Interests Giraffes- I had 2 stuffed giraffes that I played with for a long time. Making animals out of Duplo (large Lego blocks). And making random things out of Sculpy Clay! Best Buds Calla (we still are BFFs)
One time Calla and I gave her cat a bath
and you can probably guess how it turned out! Grace (We still hang out a lot)
She lives right across the street
from me and I remember we always used
to paint our nails together. My mom always insisted that we do it on the grass in my backyard so we didn't get it on the table! Learning to dress:
I would always wear my poofy
dresses everywhere! One time when I
was just learning to dress by myself,
I put my underwear over top of my jeans! Learning to dress:
I always wore those poofy princess dresses
everywhere! When I was just learning to dress
my self I put my underwear over my jeans! First Day of School Like most people, I was scared, excited and overwhelmed by it all.
I remember I wanted to wear my PJ's to school and my mom said no! We sat and listened to the principal talk for a little bit and then we went to our class. I started crying and then some of my friends did and it was a catastrophe! In grade 2 I got my friends to
sign up with me for the talent show!
We did some skipping routine! In Kindergarten (when Anna Maria was the principal of the Annex)
my friends and I put on a play. I was Rapunzel and my BFF
was a tree! Me in Mexico! Responsibilities I have a lot more chores- but my
allowance has gone up too! Taking care of my brother :( Being Upstairs!!!!! At first I was pretty overwhelmed by it all, but soon enough
I was familiar with it and I knew my way around the school with
my eyes shut! Zanzibar African Sunset My 10th B-day PARTY! Celebrating my 12th in Africa Hall of Memories! The Future Hobbies! I also enjoy designing clothes!
I like to draw the figures and
then color and ink them! I really love to travel! Teenager Expectations I'm expecting:
-a raise in allowance
-more time alone
-to go to Tupper
- and a whole other list of things that if I even mentioned you'd be here till June! :P Dream Job: Fashion Designer Speaking of clothes... My five pieces of clothing I couldn't live without are: 1. A great pair of jeans (printed, colored or plain). 2. A pair of Toms! A pair of moccasins. 4. A nice tunic top with a belt. 5. A warm, cozy sweater. Favorite Artists/Songwriters:
Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga, K'naan,
Katy Perry, The Script, Pitbull,
Flo Rida, Carly Rae Jepsen, Demi Lavato Favorite Songs at the Moment.... (although it
changes frequently) are:
We Are Never Ever Ever Getting Back Together by Taylor Swift I remember my first field trip was to
Science World and after that I wanted to go there everyday! I like to read and watch interesting movies. My favorite books are the Hunger Games. My favorite
genres of books are mystery, horror, adventure and romance.
Give me a Stephen King book and I'll finish it in an hour! Favorite movies:
-The Hunger Games
-The Shining
-Paranormal Activity 1,2 & 3
Movies I want to see:
-The Blair Witch Project
-Chainsaw Massacre eyes Marriage: xfhrdshdfj As much as I know you peoples would love to know this section of my Prezi
is and
This Kiss by Carly Rae Jepsen Places I've been: US and Mexico, England England and Africa Dream House Wait for it... Just kidding Retirement: When I'm a nice, old grandma... I will buy a villa in the south of France
and live peacefully with my guard dog
Riler. or or a mean old lady who yells:
"get off my lawn, sonny!" Oh well, he can remain nameless for now! My wedding dress: vs Dream Car A Smart Car A Limo! A... Just kidding, just kidding!!!! Funeral Plans I want my coffin to be made out of white marble and gold! :D People attending will include:
-my family (provided, of course they're still alive!)
-my guard dog!
and other people'! Hold it. I didn't say get up and leave. Before you go... a message from our sponsor Thanks for watching!
Please remember to exit
through the theatre through
the side doors! BYEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Before we get started.. I would just
like to remind you to... 1. Please turn off all electronics and other
devices that may be distracting to others. 2. In the event of an unlikely emergency,
please exit through side doors! 3. Please recycle your 3D glasses
outside when you leave the theatre. 4. If you need to use the washrooms they
are located at the end of the hall (like they always are)! Now we can start!!! Memorable Moments Memorable Moments Memorable Moments Memorable Moments Zanzibar
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