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A2 Sociology - Theory and Methods lesson 5

Postmodernity and the media

Amanda Lane

on 17 January 2014

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Transcript of A2 Sociology - Theory and Methods lesson 5

Postmodernity is a way of describing society which implies that the norm is complexity. There are many meanings to things, not just one deep and profound meaning.
The growth of the media is responsible for this complex world in which we live.

The media transmits many messages from many different perspectives that in turn create many associated meanings for people.
Multiple meanings
The media saturates the world with messages that can be interpreted in many ways by lots of people, or even by the same people at different times.

Can you think of any examples of media messages that have many meanings or have been interpreted in many different ways?
Baudrillard (1988)
Multiple interpretations and meanings causes a loss of objectivity (fact). There is no distinction between reality and perceived reality.
Hyperreality and the media
Creates a ‘simulation’ of reality
We relate and identify more with the ‘simulated’ world than with the real world.
An image of something that does not exist and never has existed.
Lesson Objective:
To understand the concept of simulacra and how this effects our understanding of the world around us
Look at the image and describe what you see. What meaning does it have for you?
How do you think Postmodern ideas influence or affect the norms and values of society?
Can you think of any simulacrum that relate to everyday life?
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