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How Has Rap/ Hip Hop Changed Over Time

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Mitchell Campos

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of How Has Rap/ Hip Hop Changed Over Time

-Hip hop culture is divided into segments, which are rapping, dancing, Djing, art, rap battles, and freestyle-
*Hip hop music is just focused on one or two rappers who are telling a story.

*Most rappers use alliteration, assonance, and rhyme just like the poets.

*They use instruments, which is referred to a “beat”. The beat is a big part of hip hop music.

*A beat can make or break a song in many ways.

*The main idea of making hip hop music is to find a beat that will help you tell a story
What is Hip Hop Music?
*Hip hop feuds have existed since the beginning of rap music was discovered

*There are rivalries such as gang, drug wars and culture

*It all started when rappers began rapping over the beat. eventually, they began criticizing their rivals

*There are a lot of feuds in the rap industry. But one of most biggest was with 2pac and Biggie

*The two rappers hated each other and they would diss each other on different tracks.

*Soon after all the dissing, on September 7, 1996 2pac was assassinated. The assassin is still a mystery today but there has been lots of rumors that Biggie planned it out or 2pac faked his death because he couldn't handle his popularity

*6 months later Biggie was assassinated. The death of these rappers brought a lot of impact to the rap industry

Feuds/Deaths in the Rap Industry
The Technical Elements of Hip Hop Music Videos
The 1st official rap song with background music and vocals playing at the same time was by Sugar Hill Gang called "Rappers Delight"
*Hip hop music really started in the 70's in Jamaica and soon it became a huge part of the world in the 80's

* It generally started back 1000 years ago in Africa. Griots, someone who would tell stories while a simple instrument was playing in the background

*Rapper/DJ Kool Hercs would throw parties and perform so people wouldn't have to make music

*This is one of the examples why hip hop was spreading because people would record the parties and it influenced people to rap. This idea made a huge impact to rap

How Has Rap/ Hip Hop Changed Over Time
The Beginning
*It all started with Run DMCs song "My Adidas". One of the bands most memorable hit single at the time. In 1986, the rap group was on tour. During the show, the group stopped the music and asked everyone to take off a shoe and raise it to the sky. Every hand was holding Adidas shoes. This motivated other companies to use rap so they can sell their product to a large audience

*In many occasions, rap music has been a very big help for promoting products like food, clothing, cars or even their own albums

*Another example is Taco Bell had once agreed to make an ad for their food while someone was rapping in the background. They thought it would promote their food because since rapping has been in the main stream for 20 years and it would mostly approach the young
Rap Used In Ads
Blame/Controversies On Rap
*A lot of rappers, especially those involved in the gansta rap, promoting alcohol, drug usage, violence towards women and fighting. They expose it in their music

*In an article I read, a doctor named Steven Martino, argues how rap music is influencing the youth to have early sexual activity

*A research team surveyed 1,1461 kids from the ages of 12 to 17. They asked them about their sexual behavior and how often they listen to music. They found that they listen to an average of 1.5 to 2.5 hours a day, 40% of the songs refer to sex or romance.
*There are many varieties of rap and hip music such as West Coast, East Coast, Dirty South, Gangsta Rap, Pop Rap, Christian Rap, Jazz Rap and Conscious Rap

*Rappers back then would send negative messages to their fans and now they are sending messages how they should follow their dreams and never give up on what they love

* Rap today is really different now because all you hear is 1 or 2 versus, an R&B singer singing most of the whole time, and a hook that can be a 3 minute song at times. All we get from Hip Hop today is overused samples and no real messages

*We are getting rappers that just care about money, girls and the fame. They don't really care if their songs have any messages to their fans. That was the point of hip hop back then, but I guess money comes before the real love of the hip hop
Now and Then
Eminem 2011 Superbowl Commercial
*Music videos in general are a big chunk of why artist are so big and recognized.

*Hip Hop music videos use the style of the artist to influence a scene in the music video, for example if religion is mentioned in a song, they would maybe cut to a scene where a church would appear or a close shot of a crucifix

*Low lighting is conventionally used to create the dark atmosphere within the inner city setting in rap music. It is used to describe a theme like poverty, crime or danger

*High Lighting is used to promote success, flash, wealth and good lifestyle. Cheap clothing is prevalent in conventional hip hop music videos, to show the origins of the artist and how far they have come.
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