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personal project

No description


on 16 February 2013

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Transcript of personal project

How can I make my talent of art and craft visible to a larger audience? by Dhriti Jagasheth My Journey Through this Journey My talent's VISIBLE! Got INSPIRED OUT of Comfort Zone One month passed away quickly! Next, I did... Nearing the finale The beginning Failure to success Skills 'n' Attitudes Strategies Learning Lack of consistency in doing reflections

Finding an expert who is free to meet me

Managing time effectively and efficiently

Recording and editing my movie Using a board to make all reminders visible

Sharing with peers/mentor to get a variety of ideas/perspectives

Going back and forth to the reflections and timeline, to know what I shall do better/next

Exploring to come up with the result
I want Technology
Time management
Note taking
Confident Framed my question
Guidance from Sabina ma'am(mentor)
Defined my goals and started working towards them Interacting with Priya
Finding answers to a few queries
Meeting an expert
Presenting to the keystage Record a video
Take congloms
Compile research data
Evaluation by peer/teacher/buddy Created YouTube channel
Succeeded at last!!! As an end product I had decided to create a channel on YouTube.
Now my talent is visible world wide. Regularly I will keep adding to the channel. It currently has only 1 video. During this whole process, I was very fortunate to work with Sabina ma'am, Priya and Tanak.
Keep in mind all details
Keep exploring
Share to get more
Changes increase curiosity
Be greedy for learning something new In ths process I also went and met an expert, V. D. Parmar sir. Through him I learn't things, not only about art and craft but also other things
Everything depends on our vision
Aim for excellence
Necessity is the mother of invention
Finishing is important
Technique is equally as important as product A HUGE thanks to... Thank You Comments I loved the way you have started your video and yes it was easy to understand!!
So great job dhriti :) Advice- You can post it on Facebook also!!

Fun to watch and easy to learn :) Well done

Well done Dhriti. Simple and easy instructions. Though you can work on the video editing part.

Great job. I will surely make it!

wow dhriti really good channel!!!!awesome stuff and keep up the good work!!!
-Seher(Peer) Hey, nice video! I like the graphics. Its detailed and no information lacking. Just one feedback...the video is moving faster than what you are saying. So it'll be better if you can match up the speeds of both for the next time. Otherwise...really well done!

Nice video Dhriti very nicely explained through the easy text

I really liked the video you have created. It shows clearly what is expected to make a bird feeder. but at some points your speech delivery could have been better! You were taking pauses which did not sound that good.Overall I loved it!

Very clear instructions - and the process was shown very well :-) you need to make one and hang at riverside!-Kiran Ma'am(teacher) Sabina ma'am
Priti ma'am
Kiran ma'am
My parents
All my peers
Priya Patience
Open mindedness
Creative Thinking
Will to learn D . . - . .
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