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A Cup of Tea

By Katherine Mansfield

lizbeth mandujano

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of A Cup of Tea

A Cup Of Tea By: Katherine Mansfield Key elements Setting Lizbeth Mandujano
Claudia Salazar Author’s Intent We believe that Katherine’s reason for writing this short story was to portray the life that she so badly wanted to rebel against. In “A Cup of Tea” Rosemary, the main character, has the life she always dreamed of, a husband, wealth, and no responsibilities. During that period of time, men worked while his wife stayed at home entertaining guests and shopping. People of higher class did not associate people of lower classes unless they were serving them in some way. Katherine Mansfield did not stay with her first husband, she left him after the first day of being married for her ex-boyfriend. She did not go with the thought of having to stay home and do anything. She was not afraid to speak her mind and do the things she wanted. “I want to be all that I am capable of becoming” –Katherine Mansfield Character
Rosemary is the PROTAGONIST in this short story. She is a DEVELOPING character, in the beginning of the story she is doing what she does every day. As the story progresses she seems to see her surroundings differently as if something is missing. When she sees Miss Smith she has a sudden urge to help her but for some reason it doesn’t seem as just an act of kindness. The setting of this story takes place in Britain during the 1900’s. Rosemary spent her day shopping but ended up staying out till it was dark and started to rain. This was the time that she meet Miss Smith before she went home. When she asks ‘Am I PRETTY?’ it ironically reveals real behaviors to Philip  even she thinks that Philip is not aware of the truth. Irony In “A Cup of Tea” it is ironic that Rosemary Fell was Jealous of The Girl, Ms. Smith, even though she had everything any other women wish to have, she was rich, but she envied the little girl because she was beautiful and she wasn't. In the very beginning of “The Cup of Tea”, it introduces the main character Rosemary in her actual life and little by little it shifts her point of view on how she would want to be but she cant be. Rosemary is the symbol of a possessive female by being jealous of the girl that she just met in the street, even though she has everything any other women wish they could have she doesn’t have the girls beauty. This also symbolizes that She has no self-confidence. Symbolism  Even though Rosemary is a wealthy person she has insecurities about her self, yes, she has money but we believe that money cant buy you happiness. Theme
Short-story writer, poet, critic, diarist, letter writer
Her work has been translated into more than 25 languages.

Katherine Mansfield She was born Kathleen Mansfield Beauchamp on 14 October 1888 at Wellington, New Zealand
George Bowden, John Middleton Murry
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