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Jose Quintero

on 6 July 2016

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Transcript of uideygufguy4giuufg4

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The Treaty of Versailles forced Germany to limit their military, give up lots of land, pay for war damages, and take the blame for World War I happening.

New Alliances
Benito Mussolini welcomed Adolf Hitler and his support.
Germany and Italy sent troops to Spain to help General Francisco Franco in the Spanish Civil War.
The Battle Of Britain
In 1940, the German air force bombed British air and naval bases, harbors, communication centers, and war industries.
The British fought back with a radar system, which warned them if the Germans were going to attack.
The Death Camps
Nazis attempted to get rid of the European Jewish Population.
Jews were gathered up into freight trains and shipped to Poland.
The biggest camp was Auschwitz

Attack on the Soviet Union
Hitler decided to attack the Soviet Union because it was Britain's last hope, so he attacked the Soviet Union so Britain won't have any support.
Hitler invaded the Soviet Union on June 22, 1941
The First Steps
The Tehran Conference
Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill met at Tehran in November 1943 to talk about the War.
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