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Physics Behind A Wrecking Ball

No description

Taylor Meeks

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Physics Behind A Wrecking Ball

Physics Behind A Wrecking Ball

How It Works
A wrecking ball is a large, heavy, steel ball that is usually always attached to some sort of crane.
The wrecking ball is used to destroy old buildings in demolition.
The ball has potential energy when it is at its highest point in the air and then uses its kinetic energy as it falls to applie force to the building to eventually, after many swings back and forward applying force to the building, to destroy it.
Connection To Third Law
Finally, a wrecking ball connects to Newtons third law in a very good, clear example. when the wrecking ball strikes the building and applies a certain amount of force to it, the wall is aplying the exact same amount of force back. That is why the ball bounces backwards and shakes when it its the wall because the wall has a much greater mass compared to the ball and can handle it better.
Link To Air Resistance
I choose air resistance as my friction because it connects to a wrecking ball the most.
As the wrecking ball travels through the air it has air resistance acting up on the ball along with the other forces. Since the steel ball is so heavy the air resistance dose not effected the path or speed of the ball compared to something like a feather.
Application About A Wrecking Ball
Wrecking balls have been used for destroying buildings for years. Nobody is sure were it originated from because many companies are trying to take credit for its creation. The wrecking ball was most commonly used in the 1950`s and 1960's but now companies have more high tech machines that can demolish buildings quicker so the wrecking ball is not as commonly used as it use to be. The wrecking ball has been a major part in human development because without being able to get rid of the old our nation wouldnt of been able to make new buildings and grow bigger and stronger.
By : Taylor Meeks!
Connection To Second Law
A wrecking connects to Newtons second law as well because since there are unbalanced forces acting on the ball (in this case the Fapp and the F air) the acceleration will be in the direction of the Fnet and the direction will be whatever way the ball is being swung.
Connection To First Law
A wrecking ball connects to Newtons third law because as the heavy steel ball falls towards the building the ball wants to stay at a constant velocity unless infected by an external force and in this case the external force acting on the ball is the building.
what ever the needs to be destroyed make that the external force for the steel ball and it will be destroyed very quick.
Wrecking Ball In Action!
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