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DC Football

No description

Matt Brannon

on 31 January 2015

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Transcript of DC Football

Defining Success
Success Defined...
1. Family - Purpose

2. Success on the field - Wins

3. Success off the field - Character Development

3. Program Numbers and Retention

4. Creating a "New Tradition"
Program Numbers
95% of the Players that begin the season, end the season

Freshman Team = Goal of 30 players or more

Freshman to Sophomore Year - Retain 80-90%
Sophomore to Junior Year - Retain 70-80%

100% of the players in the program will be fully committed to the pillars and the goals of the team!!!
Success Off the Field
Complete buy in to the Pillars and commitment to be a better man

All players in the program stay eligible and away from discipline issues during the school day

Team GPA of 3.0 or higher

All players maintain discipline outside of school

100% of Players in the Program will graduate.

Guide players to college (Playing football or not.)
Succes on the field - Wins
It is my goal to be the best 6A football team in Western Kentucky

4 Games Vital to this success
1. Henderson Co.
2. McCracken Co.
3. Muhlenberg Co.
4. Ohio Co.
and the City/County will follow


If you can win regional then you will be good enough to compete for a State Title
What Does Success Look Like
for the DC Football Program?
Pillars of the Program

Coaching Staff

Priority #1
Rearrangement of current staff
Addition of New and Quality People (Teachers/assistants/Money!!)
Provide opportunities for Growth (clinics, visits, resources, etc...)
Create atmosphere of collaboration and transparency
Coaches must live by the pillars as well!!

Get In the Hallways!!

Creation of Director of Football Operations

Provide the best equipment (facilities, weight room, equipment, uniforms, team gear) as possible

Establish strong relationships with the Middle Schools and Youth Programs
Recruiting Plan
1. Begins by retention of current players

2. Continue to encourage all athletic
males to play football.

3. Be the biggest supporter of other
sports to help encourage multiple sport

4. Facility upgrades -
Field House/Locker
Room (priority!!)
, Weight room and
equipment, Stadium (long term) - If you
build it they will come!!!

5. Become a fixture at all middle school
and youth events!!
Practices and Games
Keys to Success
1. Coaching Staff
2. Recruiting
3. Player Development
4. Schemes, Preparation and Practice Habits
5. Building the Pillars of the Program
(Character Development)
6. Community Involvement

Establishing the Pillars
1. Obviously a culture change is needed. This is my
way of organizing and bringing about the change (continued strenghting of the character of our players)

2. This will directly tie into our FCA program that is already established and hope that it will make it grow stronger.

3. One pillar will be presented to the team per week
in order to fully implement and ensure

4. The pillars are a way of life. I expect our players to
use the pillars in all aspects of their lives now and
beyond high school.

5. In order for this to work, it must be a complete
buy in by all members of the program (Coaches
and Players!!)
Community Involvement
"Building a New Tradition"
DCHS Community

Alumni Community

Business Community
DCHS Community
Find ways to get the school (teachers and students) more involved and invested into the program.
1. WIN!!!

2. Teachers - Encourage attendance at games (recognition,) tutoring programs (in and out of season,) players more involved in clubs and activities outside of football.

3. Students - GAME DAY ATMOSPHERE!! (music, competitions, etc.) Student section in endzone? Red/white outs, Pep rallies, student managers and assistants.

4. Parents - Tail gating, Family dinners and picnics, Mom clinic,
**Restructuring of Football Booster Club**

5. Other Sports and Coaches - Be there to support, encourage multi-sport athletes.
Alumni Community
Creation of an DC Football Alumni Association
1. Win!!!

2. Former Players and Coaches need to be involved in as many ways possible (Decade recognition, senior night, alumni tail gate, alumni game, DC Football HOF, Panthers in College, etc.)

3. Create Tradition regardless of success. Celebrate the past, let former players enjoy the success that is going on now. Make DC Football something they can be proud of!

Business Community
1. Promote all things "DC Football" Sell the program and legitmize everything that we are doing
Year round spirit store
Instructional drill videos
Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Team Website
Launch a full out professional PR Campaign (Have a company willing to help for very little cost!!)

2. Radio/Internet TV (iHigh) Broadcast all games on some form of media. Find a "voice of the panters." Someone who knows and follows the team.

3. Service Projects and Volunteer opportunities. Teach the players about service and promote the program at the same time.
Create a program that everyone is proud of, both past and present!
"Start as a boy and leave as Man"
#Panther UP!!
Player Development
1. Provide the best and most up to date training programs available - Continued support of the Strength and Conditioning Coach

2. Off season skill development drills that are offered on a voluntary basis.
QB School
O-Line drills
7 on 7

3. Football IQ - Continued use of the Weights class to maintain strength during season and teach the "why's" of our schemes and the overall knowledge of the game

4. Individual Drill Tapes created by position coaches using players. Players will demonstrate drills and be filmed so that implementation during the season will be easy. A visual aid that players can refer to at any time, created by their teammates.
Base defense will remain a 4-3 cover 2 with the ability to use multiple fronts, coverages, and blitz packages.

Offensive scheme will transition from a primary Spread Offense to a Multiple Pro Style Offense.

More use of TE Sets and Multiple Running Back Sets Increased use of Personnel Groupings: 10, 11, 21, 22, etc.

Goal Line/Red Zone Packages will be a priority

Special Teams will become a point of emphasis with the addition of a Special Teams Coordinator.

Special Teams "skill development" will be added
Preparation and Practice
1. Game and practice planning will be a collaborative effort of all coaches (Sunday)

2. Continued use of Hudl for both players and coaches (opponents and self scouting.)

3. Practice tempo will be Primary Responsibility
Practice fast - No lectures on the field
**Need a filming tower on the practice field**
Transition time between periods will be minimal
Practice must be physical while minimizing injury (more shell practice during season.)
Get ALL (or as many as possible) involved in practice!!

4. Stick to the plan - assistant coaches will be responsible for following the practice schedule exactly. NO DEVIATION
A good program is not just defined by the
of the players, but
of the players in it as well.
Family and Purpose
Love Your Players and Be Genuine

Family - The creation of an atmosphere where all members feel welcome and enjoy being a part of something special.

Purpose - Players understand that doing the right thing, working hard, and have a passion for what they are doing should be expected in all aspects of their life (school, job, sports, relationships, etc.) Success is a by-product of the way they live their lives.

"Begin with the End in Mind"
New Year, New Team, One Dream
Panther Pride Gridiron Club (Working Title)
1. Renaming and restructing of the "Friday Night Fan Club"

2. More involvement from the coaches and players and PARENTS (most importantly)

3. More creative fundraisers, more often

4. Creation of Scholarship

5. More contribution then just food. Make sure the players know where the "new stuff" is coming from.
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