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The Name of The Star

No description

Joss Miller

on 16 April 2014

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Transcript of The Name of The Star

London, England was the location of the Jack the Ripper murders in the 1800's. More specifically the part of the notorious part of the city called White Chapel.
My choice would be to keep the original setting of modern-day London, England. I would choose this because that setting is integral to the meaning of the story itself.
The city of London was the location of the infamous murders committed by the notorious Jack the Ripper. The time period needs to be modern-day because of the way that society behaves in this day an age. They view the Ripper as something cool and mysterious. It's what allows the killer to draw the attention of so many.
Director's choice
Main Characters
Minor Characters
Modern-day London, England

The Name of The Star
Directed by:
Markie Vaughn
The Movie
Aurora (Rory) Deveaux is just your average teenager living in Louisiana. However, that all changes when her parents find jobs at the university of Bristol in England, and Rory chooses to finish out her high school years in exciting London, England at a school called Wexford. When Rory arrived in London, she could never have guessed how much her life would be changed forever. In London, she discovers a secret sector of the police force devoted solely to the paranormal, and, along with discovering an ability of her own that she had never dreamed of possessing, she finds out that there is more to the recent Jack the Ripper imitations than anyone had previously thought. A lot more.
Aurora Deveaux is an American teenager living in Louisiana. Her parents are both lawyers, along with being professors of law. When her parents are both offered a job at a university in England, Rory's life changes forever, along with her preconceived notion of how the world truly works.
Rory Deveaux

Bhuvana "Boo" Chodhari
Alexander Newman
(aka the Ghost Ripper)
Callum Mitchell
Julianne "Jazza" Benton
Michael Gaston
Freddie Smith
Texas (Clifton) Battle
Alex Pettyfer
Max Irons
Imogene Poots
Naomi Scott
Ellen Page
Rory is a strong, female heroine who doesn't take the coward's way out and does the right thing even when she may be scared.I feel that Ellen Page is qualified to play the role of Rory because she always plays a strong, capable girl character. She played the strong protagonist in the movie
and a girl ho possessed an incredible power in the
Stephen is a serious, quiet young man who is dedicated to his job as the leader of the secret ghost police known as the Shades. Freddie Smith looks the way I imagine Stephen to look, and I believe that he possesses the look of a serious type of person. He looks like he is responsible possesses the qualities of a leader.
Boo is a fun-loving, flamboyant Indian girl who becomes introduced as Rory's new roommate, but she is discovered to be more than she seems. Boo sometimes comes off as a tough, fierce character, but, underneath, she is actually a very caring person who would do almost anything to protect those she loves. Naomi Scott seems like a person with a flamboyant personality, but she has also payed in many Disney productions, revealing her more caring, fun-loving side.
Alexander Newman is the villain of the story. Once belonging to the ghost police himself, Newman returns as a powerful ghost bent on destroying the only people that can stop his paranormal plans. Michael Gaston is very skilled at playing the mysterious, cunning villain. One of his more memorable roles that I have seen is the character of Director Bertram on the television show
The Mentalist
. Bertram is the director of the CBI police force, but in reality he is actually a dirty cop and an infamous serial killer.
Callum is another member of the ghost police known as the Shades. He is strong, athletic, and he believes very strongly in ridding London of dangerous, mischief-causing ghosts. He was formerly a talented soccer player, but he lost his ability to participate in the sport when he encountered one of the aforementioned ghosts and received permanent damage to his legs. He takes his job very seriously, if not quite as seriously as their leader, Stephen. Texas Battle is described as having heart, and he looks strong and has an athletic build. He has a role in the daytime soap opera
The Bold and the Beautiful
Jerome is a kind, easy-going young man, and a student prefect at the school of Wexford. When Rory meets him, she falls for his care-free manner (reflected by his slightly shaggy hair), sense of humor, and kindness. He plays the handsome love interest with that much desired British accent, and his down-to-earth personality. He also possesses a bordering-on-obsessive interest in Jack The Ripper. Using this interest and knowledge, he unwittingly helps the ghost police to solve a couple of pieces of their puzzle. Alex Pettyfer often portrays characters with a care-free attitude, which he seems to share. He also has the light, shaggy hair that is signature of Jerome.
Jazza is Rory's caring, faithful friend and roommate. She doesn't play a big role in the action of the story, but she supports Rory throughout her journey of discovery, lending her comfort and advice. She is a rock that Rory greatly appreciates. Imogene Poots could easily portray this friend who is both loyal and loving. She has played roles n movies such as
28 Weeks Later
Bouquet of Barbed Wire
Alistair is discovered by Rory in the library at Wexford, and he is found to be both extremely helpful and intelligent. He is a quiet boy with spiky hair who enjoys rock music. He also happens to be a little less than alive. Max Irons has the look of Alistair, with his hair and his defiant attitude. He played the role of a determined and intelligent rebel fighter in the movie
The Host
. He also played in the movie
Red riding Hood
Rising Action
One major event of the rising action was the scene where Rory was in the lunch room regaling her new friends with tales of her hometown. As Rory's telling the story of her aunt, who supposedly speaks to angels, she starts choking on a piece of food and can't breathe or speak. At first, the other kids don't understand, but then they realize that she is actually choking and they jump up to help. However, before she was saved, she almost died, and she saw a very strange, bright light. This near-death experience changes her life more than anyone expected.
The turning point of the story is the moment when Rory discovers that she can see things that others can't. One day, when Rory's art class is on a field trip at the museum, she sees her suspicious roommate, Boo, leaving the museum after speaking on the phone, and she follows her. When they reach their destination Rory sees that she is speaking to a woman, Jo, dressed in old fashion military dress. Then, the police officer, Stephen, arrives and she finds out that somehow the three people are connected. As she's watching; however, she sees a man walking down the sidewalk pass right through the woman in military dress. Thinking that she's crazy, Rory reveals herself to the trio. Stephen and Boo then take Rory back to Stephen's apartment, where she meets Callum, the third member of the ghost police. There, Stephen explains to Rory that she is actually seeing ghosts, and that the Ripper killer is actually a ghost and he is targeting Rory for unknown reasons. Hearing this revelation, Rory's outlook on life changes dramatically.
Falling Action
Measures were taken to prevent Alexander Newman's attack on Rory; however, they are unsuccessful. The ghost police tried to surround Rory in the school to catch the killer when he came for her, but he had other plans. He successfully gave them no choice but to change their carefully laid-out plans and instead go to a location of the ghost's choosing. After they discover the identity of the Ripper, and the fact that he used to be part of the ghost police, they are left no choice but to confront him. Rory refuses to hide and she insists on helping Stephen and Callum to defeat the Ripper once and for all, despite the danger to herself. They enter a long-abandoned tube station, setting the scene for the beginning of the final battle.
The resolution of the story begins in the abandoned, aforementioned tube station. Rory discovers that, though she still was a target, she was not the only thing the ghost was after. Newman lured Stephen into a trap in which Callum and Rory were left to decide his fate. They were each forced to give up their Terminus in order to save Stephen's life. Newman destroyed them both. However, Newman demanded the final Terminus as well, which was in the possession of Boo back at the school. Newman forces Rory to take him to the final Terminus, so that he could destroy them all. When they arrive back at the school, Newman uses Rory as a hostage o force Boo to give up her Terminus. However, once Newman had taken the final Terminus, he told Rory that he still had to kill her because he had to finish what he had started. Rory gives in and accepts her fate. They move into the bathroom at the end of the hall, out of sight of Boo, upon the request of Rory. Then, with one slash, Newman cuts open Rory's abdomen, leaving her to slowly bleed to death. He lets her hold the final Terminus as consolation, so that maybe she could come back as a ghost too. However, when all hope seems lost, Jo, the woman ghost in military dress, suddenly pushes her way through the door with the force of her will. Newman is instantly wary, but soon turns frightened when Jo picks up the Terminus from Rory and approaches him. Then, Jo selflessly sacrifices herself in order to destroy Newman's ghost once and for all. Rory passes out from blood loss, seeing a bright light and believing that she had, indeed, died. However, to her surprise, and that of her new-found friends, she had survived the Ripper with only a scar across her abdomen, a severely damaged outlook on life, and a new-found fear of things that others couldn't see and she couldn't talk about.
Destroy the Obvious
by: Evans Blue

White Rabbit
by: Egypt Central
Calling All the Monsters
by: China Anne McClain

False Alarm
by: Smile Empty Soul
I Will Not Bow
by: Breaking Benjamin

The Night
by: Disturbed
I feel like this song adequately describes the background of the story. The lyrics of the song speak of "destroying the obvious", which I interpret to mean that the singer wishes to find the truth hidden beneath the safer, blatant cover that often surrounds individual people and the world as a whole. Rory "destroys the obvious" and discovers that her view of the world was not the truth.
When Rory arrives in London she is quickly swallowed up by the Ripper situation, and, as she's "diving down the hole", she seems to be quickly "losing control" of the situation. Rory can also be compared to "Alice" because, in the story, Alice cannot decide whether or not she is crazy, or if the strange occurrences that she is witnessing are real.
This song works well for this rising action event. This event is the catalyst for Rory's ability to see ghosts. Therefore, she is just now seeing all of the "Monsters" that she previously did not believe. It is also the event that directly led to her meeting with the "Monster" Ripper ghost himself. She would not have seen him and became his target if not for this event. After this moment, The Ripper was "coming to get" Rory.
At the climax of the story, Rory discovers that, though she "could have sworn that something else was going on," she actually had no idea what was really happening. Stephen then reveals the deadly truth. The Ripper was coming for her.... from the afterlife.
Rory realizes that she has to stand up to the Ripper if she ever wants to live without fear. So, she decides to stand up and fight with Stephen and Callum, despite the danger to herself. She "will shut the world away" and do what needs to be done. She "will not bow" and she refuses to "break". Rory stands up to protect her friends and take on the Ripper.
At the resolution of the story, Rory realizes that some things happen "in a world beyond controlling" in which she has no say in changing them. She gives "in to the night," and accepts her fate, and the fact that it is out of her control. She gets the "strength to face" what lies before her in order to protect those she loves.
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