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E-Assessment Suite ONYX (long version)

ONYX presentation for IMS Learning Impact

Jens Schwendel

on 21 May 2011

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Transcript of E-Assessment Suite ONYX (long version)

? ? ? ONYX E-Assessment Suite Who can make use of ONYX?

Individualize Your Assessments! What can you do with ONYX? Create Deliver Share Evaluate Test items
Assessment tests
Surveys Easy to use
Feature rich
Configurable ONYX Editor download free version
http://onyx.bps-system.de/en ONYX Player self tests
exams web based - customizable - pluggable ! modular standards based customizable open Generic repository interface
Configurable metadata support
Access to item banks and LMS ONYX Editor ready-to-use for OLAT and edu-sharing
open for any other systems Automatic answer evaluation
Outstanding scoring flexibility
individual and group results ONYX Reporter Visualizes QTI XML result files a product of You! as educational institution as teacher or trainer as software provider 1. create, convert, collect valuable assessment content 2. integrate, insert, introduce modern assessments 3. shop, share, sell innovative assessments a. easily create assessments, for multiple platforms and scenarios b. re-use existing content, for formal and informal assessment c. individualize your assessments, in administration and layout I. easily enrich your software with state-of-the-art assessment II. save time and costs for developing own, proprietary solutions III. increase attractiveness and sustainability of your products Join! A vital network of 30 universities
with hundreds of thousands of students. An international, expanding network of IMS QTI 2.1 users. As user or contributor to ONYX enabled
learning platforms. New partners are welcome! ONYX for Techies Sorry for the technical stuff :-) All modules are Java based
Editor comes as Eclipse RCP app
Player uses Apache Wicket as GUI frontend
Assessment content stored in QTI-XML
Interfaces are webservices or REST Why did we build a new tool? Yet another assessment tool? I have my LMS! I'm using SCORM! I like my commercial tool! I've Hotpotatoes. Ok, but ... Did you think about vendor lock-in? Are you sure your content will work with every new browser? Are you able to use your content in multiple scenarios
for test, self-test, exams, online, print, ...? Can you exchange the layout of your content? Are you able to share and re-use
content with third parties? No? Not sure? with content repository interface Convert Import of different LMS specific formats
Import of QTI 1.2 and derivates
Manual conversion via ONYX Editor
Automatic background conversion Integrate it! Just use the modules you need!
Easily integrate them into your software!
Offer your users a fully-featured assessment tool! Free your content! ?


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