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OLD Ambassador's Code_Marathon Health

Marathon Health's core values, in the words of Ambassadors

Michelle Rosowsky

on 17 October 2014

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Transcript of OLD Ambassador's Code_Marathon Health

Ambassador's Code
Always do the
Give people
than they expect
the mission,
Accomplish more
It matters
the person
you're with
"Teamwork is what makes it worthwhile. Put me on a team that enjoys working hard, learning, growing, supporting one another, and values a sense of accomplishment, and I’m happy to take on anything."
--Scott LaPlant, CFO
"At Marathon, we seek feedback and respond to our customers. Our 'evolutionary' approach challenges all of us to DO IT BETTER, resulting in the best population health service for our customers and patients."
--Marie Edwards, Account Manager
"When a patient comes in, I want them to feel they are in a SAFE place where they can say what's on their heart and no one will laugh or say, 'it’s in your head.' Maybe they can shed a tear and someone will listen and be ready with a tissue. I try to be OK with not solving their problem, but helping them walk their personal journey. Building healthy relationships and offering hospitality--this is compassion."
--Nancy Martin, Family Nurse Practitioner
"Since I provide support, I get to talk to some of the same people on a regular basis, and we start to build a relationship. It really diffuses the tension when they call in with a problem. I always start by asking 'how are you?' and joking around with them. Even if they're stressed, how are they going to be mad at me if we're friends?"
--Benjamin Mace, IT support
"To me living the mission has meant adopting very simple new patterns of behavior. I’m riding my bike to work. I leave my cell phone behind when I go to meetings. I connect with my family and friends in person not via social media. I try to remember what a privilege it is to be able to serve others. I don’t know if I have found work-life balance, but I feel better."
--Dave Demers, VP Analytics and Business Intelligence
"It’s a simple and a generous act to open your heart and sit quietly while someone talks about where they have been, and where they are. Our gift is to connect them with hope and let them hear and accept themselves, maybe for the first time."
--Kendra Hopkins, Health Coach
“One of my personal core values is treating all people with dignity and respect. I practice mindfulness to help stay aligned with this value--it allows me to open myself up to receive and share new ideas, be more present with others, and listen with genuine interest. I hope that in some small way, this focused work style fosters productive and respectful interactions throughout our company.”
--Heather Soler, Resource Coordinator
"I'm sometimes asked how we 'manage' so many remote ambassadors. Our team exhibits such high levels of integrity every day. They simply be themselves – individuals who innately do the right thing and work hard to help others improve their lives."
--Bev Raymond, VP Clinical Services
“I have worked for many healthcare organizations, and they all talk about the need to make patients healthier, but they don’t 'walk the walk.' At Marathon, we don't rely on medication to reduce morbidity and mortality; we empower our patients to truly become healthier. They become the true controller of
their health."
--David French, National Director of Medical Affairs
"Opportunities to win ‘championships’ and be the best at something don’t present themselves often and can be fleeting. We need to recognize the unbelievable opportunity we have—to change not only healthcare, but
in this country. We need to chase it down, pounce on it—full throttle, without hesitation, and never be satisfied with ordinary when we can be extraordinary.

I commit to each of you to do everything I can to help you champion our mission. I believe in you. I believe in us. I’m asking you to
in. I promise I will rush in too."
--Jerry Ford, CEO

Better healthcare,
better health,
for a better world
You are ambassadors
"To respect others is to embrace their unique abilities and support them regardless of whether you agree or disagree. Respecting patients and their wishes--regardless of their background-- is the core of providing holistic care, and is what makes our providers the best in the nation."
--Rosa De La Torre, Family Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Advocate

"Independently we came to Marathon with aspirations of helping people live happier, healthier lives. Our respect for each other's individual strengths empowers us to achieve a greater degree of success as a team than we would alone. We care from the heart."
--Lenovo Morrisville Clinical Team
Schauren Hinson, Family Nurse Practitioner;
Barbara Sparks, RN Health Coach;
Syreeta Barrett-Etumnu, Medical Assistant

"I'm always impressed by the positive attitude, spirit of openness, and integrity that Marathon Health ambassadors bring to work every day. I see them being honest and forthright with customers, particularly in the implementation process. Even when obstacles arise, all team members have the same goal and come
up with constructive and creative solutions."
--Jim Dowling, Project Manager
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