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The Decline of The Roman Empire


Ashwin Ramanathan

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Decline of The Roman Empire

The Decline of the Roman Empire
There have been many reason as to why the Roman Empire has fallen. Here are some of the reasons:
Attacks from Barbarians
Corruption and Purging
Revolution against tyrants
Julius Caesar was far more ambitious than we could have imagined. He wanted to defeat the Visigoths who were plundering all they could in the North-West. They were also known to join arms with the legendary Gauls. Caeser was determined to halt them. He used up so much money from the treasury to provide the army required, that people started turning against him in secret. Moreover, the army wasn't strong enough to conquer the barbarians. All this misfortunes led Julius Caeser to be murdered by his rivals.
Corruption was one of the main reasons why the empire fell. As the caesars waged wars against barbarians, the senators spent their time drinking, torturing people and stealing money from excise taxes. Brutus who was a politician, detested Julius apprach of governing and planned to overthrow him. He allied himself with the other senators and bided his time. Finally the chance appeared. Julius Caeser came back tired after losing to legion of barbarians. As he dozed in his chambers, the senators approached and stabbed him 23 times. Only one stab was lethal; it was located near his right side of his heart. Later, when Brutus was unveiled as the murderer, he justified his plot and fled away before the trial. Purging is the method of removing close relatives of the previous caesar so as to prevent revenge from them.
Tyrants such as Nero were examples of daily-life differences between the rich and the poor. He was so disliked that Nero had bodygaurds surround him when he went in the public. When the Great Fire erupted during Nero's reign, he did nothing to stop it. Instead, he waited till the fire passed and urged the building of a palace where many homes were destroyed and burnt. The senators and the generals of the army, enraged at this act, banded together to plot against Nero. The scheme was known as the Pisonian Conspiracy. It was called this because the conspirators wished to replace Nero with a man named Piso. (Perowne, 1968) Nero discovered the plan before it was too late and had over fifty people put to death. Then on June 9, 68 A.D. Nero learned that the Senate had declared him a public enemy. He could not bear the thought of being hunted down so he had his servant stab him. Such revolutions like this caused weakness among senators and led to the downfall of the empire.
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