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The Progression Exam

An outline of the first assessment stage of doctoral programmes at UWE, Bristol

Paul Spencer

on 31 October 2017

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Transcript of The Progression Exam

The Progression Exam
"the progression examination is a formal test of progress in the early stages to ensure a suitable basis for continuation on the programme has been established" - academic regulation K15.2
Progression Exam
Hints, tips, advice
To provide advice to the student
To reflect of progress on project but also of one's self
Enough support - from supervisors?
Identify problems early - easier to deal with
Proceeds automatically after submission of report
full of advice/hints/tips from experienced researchers
full time
part time
Director of Studies (DoS)
ensures the student adheres to the timescales
provides advice/feedback on written report
completes paperwork to arrange the examination
nominates a Principle Reviewer & Second Reviewer
is only present in viva if student wishes
The University
at registration provide month & year of expected progression
research degrees committee (faculty) confirm appointment of examiners
receive the examiners' reports after the viva
consideration of progression outcome
The Research Student
liaise with DoS to keep on track
write a progression report in good time
seek feedback from supervision team
discuss with DoS re: examiners
but:- it is much more than that...
2 elements

progression report
Part I -written specifically for the examination
(word limits:- 3000 min - 6000 max)
background to the research proposal
a critical summary of the relevant related research work
the methods being used & their justification
timescales for the remainder of the project, inc. proposed submission date
Adequately defined objectives & scope

Actively engaged & made progress

Appropriate engagement with literature

Acquired knowledge of appropriate methods

Addressed ethics & research governance

Advanced a plan of work for completion
Part II - written for other purposes
(No word limit)
full literature review
published papers
thesis chapters already written
anything else that you want to include
viva exam
both reviewers agree to recommend that a candidate progress
report completed and approved by the university
candidate & supervisors receive a written report
in vast majority of cases...
if examiners cannot agree on a recommendation...
a second viva will be required
research degrees committee (faculty) appoint a different examiner to conduct it independently (does not see the report from the first viva)
a recommendation is made to the university
the university research degrees award board (RDAB) is the body that considers appeals
appendix H2 of the academic regulations apply
Guidance, forms, regulations etc
skills development hints/tips
follow us on twitter for news/announcements
a time-limited referral and re-assessment
required to withdraw
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