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Management In Nigeria

No description

François Grimaud

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Management In Nigeria

Management in Nigeria
The Djinns Introduction to Nigerian culture
Management styles in Nigeria vs. France
A business leader... !

Management leadership...Takaways Index ! Passion – stay focused… Want to be the best… “if you give me $5 billion today, I will invest everything here in Nigeria” Social responsibility & patriotism… « Show me an humble leader and I’ll show you an exceptionnal leader…. » Humility… Aliko DANGOTE (1957)

Business in Cairo
Repaid the loan in 3 months, not 3 years…

CEO of Dakote Group

Sugar, cement, crude oil, natural gas, textiles, …

founded in 1981

11,000 employees

Try to focus on what meet the African needs …

Dangote cement : Benin, Cameroon, Nigeria, SA & Zambia

US$14 billion, Nigeria SE. Who’s that chick man … ?
Interview at LBS (10:30) Let’s have an interview ! Don’t hold eye-contact while talking to somebody for too long as this might be misinterpreted as a threat.
Don’t take something with the left hand; it is considered impolite
Don’t bother them too early, business always starts after breakfast.
Don’t use hyperbolas to convince, they will become wary for you! Do’s and Don’ts Comparison with Hofstede Comparison 4/5: Uncertainty Avoidance Nigeria France Comparison 3/5: Masculinity 68 Comparison 1/5: Power Distance Comparison 2/5: Individualism Short-Term Quick Results Consumption 39 16 France Nigeria Vision of the future Traditions Time Comparison 5/5: Long-Term Orientation Nigeria Culture : MOVIE
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