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Germany Invasion of Poland

No description

Andrew Christian

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Germany Invasion of Poland

When did it happen? It happened in September 1, 1939 and the Polish army was defeated within weeks. The Polish army was able to mobilize 1 million German army, but all hope is lost when the Soviet forces invaded from the East in September 17. By September 27 1939, Poland had surrendered and Germany had won. Any remaining Poland troops were either captured or eliminated by the Nazis. What are Hitler's aims? Hitler's aim by invading Poland was to:

1) Give Germans "Lebensraum" in Eastern Europe (as he promised in Mein Kampf.

2) To overturn the Treaty of Versailles

3) To teach Chamberlain a lesson

4) To prevent anti-german alliance

5) To fulfill the Nazi-Soviet Pact Because of Germany's invasion to Poland, Britain and France declared war to Germany (September 3, 1939), ultimately initiating World War 2. After Germany succeeded in invading Poland, the Nazi Germany established ghettos in several Polish cities, where the Jews in Poland were captured and imprisoned. The Jews were then sent to concentration camps in Auschwitz and they were either forced to do labor work or gassed to death. This event is also known as the Holocaust. Consequences of The Event German Invasion of Poland By: Andrew & Michelle 10B First of all, the cause of Germany's invasion to Poland is because Hitler wanted the expansion of the German state and to regain the land that Germany have lost because of the Treaty of Versailles. Another reason was because Hitler promised to German people that he will give them "Lebensraum" or living space. Germany have already annexed Austria and Czechoslovakia and no one had stopped them, so they invaded Poland and think that nobody's going to step in to interrupt them. And also, Germany had a non-aggression pact with Russia to invade Poland and carve up between them. What caused the event? The History Facts Conclusion References A)Zaloga,Steve, 2003, INVASION OF POLAND, FALL 1939, www.ushmm.org,
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http://historyimages.blogspot.com/2011/01/germany-invades-poland-september-1939.html, Jnuary 27 2013 German troops parade through Warsaw after the surrender of Poland. Warsaw, Poland, September 28-30, 1939. German tanks thundered across the Polish border at precisely at 04:45 Video and Cartoon This is how American cartoonist Herb Block saw the invasion of Poland, Germany signed the Non-Aggression Pact with Russia in August 1939 which paved the way for the attack.
Wehrmacht soldiers break the border post on the German-Polish border To conclude, the whole point of this attack is once again, Lebenseraum or to create living space for German race and German race only. That seems to be Hitler's main goal, to expand German's territory by taking away others'. Trivias 1. State three reasons why Hitler invaded Poland.

2. When did Poland surrender?

3. What countries declared war with Germany after they invaded Poland?

4. With whom did Germany sign the non-agression pact with?

5. What are the consequences of the event?

6. How many German Army was immobilized by the Polish Army?

7. When did the Soviets arrive in Poland and in which part of Poland did they land in?

8. State two countries that HItler have annexed before Poland.

9.What happened to the Jews in Poland afterwards?

10. What is the date in which Poland surrendered?
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