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Life in London during Shakespearean Times

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Transcript of Life in London during Shakespearean Times

Life In London during the Elizabethan Era The Elizabethan Era was the period of time from 1558-1603. Queen Elizabeth I was the ruler of England during this time. This period was called "the golden age" because it was a time of creativity and originality. The Elizabethan Era was during the Renaissance so culture like art and music were becoming more prominent. Scholars were also studying their world more. Religion was also big and was the influence of most art. During the Middle Ages, religion wasn't as prominent and there were less scholars but during the Elizabethan Era Christianity was being questioned and studied by scholars everywhere. The Elizabethan Era is mainly where expansion and exploration began. Literature was important to this time and more people were being educated than ever before. Population grew 400% from 1500 to 1600 in London. It now had about 200,000 people. This made the city very overpopulated and streets were narrow and crowded. Houses were crammed together. London during this time was not very clean though. Chamber pots were emptied out of windows. There was no drainage. Streets were muddy, smelly and rat infested. The polluted Thames River often overflowed. As you can imagine, there was poor sanitation and disease was not uncommon. All of these things that went on during the Elizabethan era relate to us today because art, music, theatre, literature, thoughts about religion, and academic studies then influence us today. For example, some television, theatre, and writing today are still based off of Shakespeare's works. This relates to Shakespeare because he was alive during this time and greatly influenced it. Shakespeare's works were big during the Elizabethan Era. by:Sami Frank Works Cited
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