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The User Experience

What does it take to make your user happy?

pen lister

on 2 May 2010

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Transcript of The User Experience

What does it take to make your user happy? The User Experience How do we find out what it's like
to visit your website..... ...if you've NEVER been there before? why did your user arrive at your site?
how did they get there?
was it a long journey?
will they be tired and irritable?
what are they looking for?
will they be in a hurry to find it? will they leave if they don't find
what they are looking for.... FAST really quickly We need to focus on 3 areas: USABILITY
DESIGNING AND WRITING FOR DIGITAL WHAT USERS WANT Usability begins with users users = target audience customers
potential customers
competitors customers Age
Decision makers
Computer literacy cultural background
possible limitations in using interface
sight or hearing impairment
dexterity impairment Demographics: this all means we must consider many factors
when we design and implement our website access to broadband
access to desktop computers
access to mobile internet
other technical issues just making it how we (or the developer)
thinks is great
is not a good idea easy to learn & remember
easy to use
easy to read
nice to look at
enjoyable to use Perceived USEFULNESS Perceived EASE OF USE Perceived EASE OF USE Perceived USEFULNESS Is search efficient?
Can I see useful product or service links from the homepage?
Have other people used this site and found it useful?
Is the text telling me what I need to know? Do I like it?
Do I need it?
Can I use it?
Can I trust it? a quick word on INUKSHUK "... is a stone landmark...built by humans..." "... may have been used for navigation, as a point of reference, a marker for hunting grounds, or as a food cache..." "...These structures are found from Alaska to Greenland. This region, above the Arctic Circle, is dominated by the tundra biome, containing areas with few natural landmarks..." a bit like the Internet, then... The word inuksuk means
"something which acts for or performs the function of a person." here's a picture: Inuksuk Point (Inuksugalait, “where there are many Inuksuit“), Foxe Peninsula (Baffin Island), Nunavut, Canada
Created July 26, 2002
By Ansgar Walk Inunnguaq (which means “like a human being”, Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, Canada
Created July 18, 1996
By Ansgar Walk Here's a picture of a gaggle (?) of inukshuks aka 'inuksuk' 'The inuksuk was ... []... used as the symbol of the Summit of the Americas, because of its connotations of friendship and cooperation' Inukshuk is a sign of we give the equivalent of inukshuk when we use testimonials
comments TRUST http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Summit_of_the_Americas http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Inukshuk Designing & Writing for Digital {Perceived Use/Perceived Ease of Use} Let's think about D ESIGN Look and Feel
Colours Navigation Content Screen 'Real Estate' Information Architecture Navigation

Writing for the web

Layout of text

The Human Touch
Rich Interfaces

Look and Feel/Colours: culture
literacy (card sorting) WHAT DO YOUR USERS WANT? How to Find Out Do some market research
(or look at other peoples) Interview people 'in depth' Look at your competitor's websites successes AND failures! Look at the analytics Surveys

Interviews (you might want someone else to do that!)
Feedback - yours and other people's

Analytics???? whaaaaa!!???!! http://www.surveymonkey.com http://www.uservoice.com next up - ANALYTICS
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