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The Nitrogen Cycle

No description

Emily Vallejos

on 16 October 2013

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Transcript of The Nitrogen Cycle

How the Nitrogen Cycle Works
The Nitrogen Cycle
Roles Played by Organisms in the
Nitrogen Cycle
"The Relationships between Net Primary Productivity, Human Population Density and Species Conservation." GW Lucky, 5 Sept. 2007. Web. <www.montana.edu/hansen/documents/bio491/luck%202007.pdf>.

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Nitrogen is one of the primary nutrients critical for the survival of all living organisms.
Chemicals involved...
What is the Nitrogen Cycle?
A Gaseous Cycle

Chemicals Involved in the Nitrogen Cycle
Biological Nitrogen Fixation
Nitrogen (N2) in the atmosphere is converted into ammonia (NH3) by plants.

Atmospheric nitrogen (N2) does not easily react with other chemicals to form new compounds.

Photosynthesis and free living bacteria break up the nitrogen atoms
from their diatomic form (N2) to be used in other ways
78% of Earth's atmosphere is nitrogen
Nitrogen is a component of...
Amino acids
Human Activity Affect on the Nitrogen Cycle
Humans increase the amount of Nitrogen with:
fossil fuel combustion
use of artificial Nitrogen fertilizers
the release of Nitrogen in waste
Affects to the Cycle:
contamination of water
nearly tripling the ammonia in the atmosphere
human respiratory systems can become damaged
Delaney Cline
Devin Corea
Emily Vallejos
Jamika Martin
M'Lynn Martin

SOLUTIONS to Reduce the Amount of Nitrogen in the Environment
1. Become a vegetarian

2. Improve the way farmers
rotate crops and fertilize
their lands
Because the Nitrogen Cycle has more than DOUBLED the transfer of nitrogen into biologically available forms annually...
Work Cited
Nitrogen is broken down into ammonia by nitrogen-fixing bacteria to be used by plants
Animals eat plants or plant eating animals
Animals produce waste
Animals and plants die
bacteria converts ammonia into nitrogen gas
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