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Battle of Saratoga

No description

john karpov

on 4 February 2013

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Transcript of Battle of Saratoga

The Battle
by Tim Karpov & John Stevens When:
October 17, 1777 Famous American Generals Famous British Generals Major General Phillips Baron Riedesel Brigadier Simon Frasco Horatio Gates Major General Benidict Arnold The battle layout The British hoped to accomplish getting to philadelphia to meet General Howe at Fort Ticondaroga The Americans goal was to stop the British to advance to Fort Ticondaroga. Major General John Burgoyne Took place at The Hudson River Valley, New York State

General Horatio Gates joins up with Washington's forces and fights the British out at Freeman's Farm Where British: Hoped to take Philadelphia to add to the capitols to take back America

America: Hoped to keep British from taking Philadelphia because the British already had New York Goals Daniel Morgan Brig. Hamilton Daniel Morgan, a part of the Continental Army, was one of the first men to use guerilla war tactics. In the battle, Morgan told soldiers to camp in trees and snipe the British off the battlefield. Other soldiers were told to keep guard of possible flanking Redcoats.

The British, as always, were fighting in a European style. They were lined up in perfect straight lines, and fired at the same time and on command. Battle Stratigies America

Force: 12,000-14,00


Force: 7,000 Military in Numbers British were getting overcumbered with all the Americans attacking them. General Horatio Gates forces Burgoyne to surrender. Winner This was an important battle because Ben Franklin told King Louis about thier success and the French were starting to get involved in the war to help the Americans. Important Battle
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