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Final Presentation

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Erin Parbs

on 17 December 2014

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Transcript of Final Presentation

Why I Like the People At Kettle
Erin Parbs
When I first came to Kettle, I thought I would be alone for the most part. Pretty soon I discovered that many of the people at Kettle are involved in one fandom or another, whether it be Star Wars or DC Super Friends. I am a part of many of the same fandoms, and I have become friends with many of these people.
Something that I find very exciting is that there are fans of the BBC Sherlock TV series. Although I may not have seen all of the episodes, I love the series, and I love talking to people who are also fans.
Sherlock Holmes
Another fandom I have encountered is the Whovian fandom. These are the people who love BBC's Doctor Who. These people are really fun to talk to and enjoy expressing their oppinions on the show.
Hunger Games Fans
Yet another fandom I have encountered at Kettle is the Hunger Games fandom. I like to talk with them and express my feelings on the newest movie, Mockingjay.
Harry Potter
Another Fandom I have seen at Kettle is the Harry Potter fandom.
Disney FAns
In my experience, these people are probably the best to talk to. Several of my friends at kettle like Disney movies, as well as other things, and I like to hear what they think about different topics
The Lord of the rings
although, to my knowledge, I have met very few of them, I am sure there are several fans of the lord of the rings. Many people like several different fandoms, and it's just a matter of asking their opinion on the subject.
The Hobbit
I like to think that the same issue occurs with the fans of The Hobbit. There are so many fandoms, and it's hard to find people from a certain one when they may like several different ones. Hobbit fans are a little easier to find at kettle, however, since the movies have come out within the past three years or so.
I love Kettle
I love going to Kettle because I have found so many others who like the same goofy, geeky things as I do. Someone may look 'normal' on the outside, but on the inside there may be a very interesting person with a personality that will leave you in shock.
(random people I found online)
(more random people I found online)
It may not be on the background image, but I have also met many people who like the same bands as me. They are generally awesome and possibly slightly crazy.
Immortals by Fall Out Boy
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