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How a Circus is like a Cell

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Kelly Beck

on 7 November 2012

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Transcript of How a Circus is like a Cell

Cell Analogy Project By: Kelly Beck 3/4 Ringleader Is like the nucleus A cell is like a Circus The Performers Are like the Chromosomes They both keep the show going and they each contain the directions. The Circus Tent Is like the cell membrane Both control who or what can come in and out. Both the nucleus and the ring leader
control what happens. The nucleus is the control center and the ring leader tells the performers what to do. The Food Vendors Are like the vacuoles The food vendors hold the food until the people buy it. The vacuoles store the water and food. The people that come watch the circus Are like the ribosomes They keep the circus going. Without the people coming to the circus the circus wouldn't survive. The people coming to watch makes the circus' profit. The ribosomes make the protein without the ribosomes the cell wouldn't survive. Is like the endoplasmic reticulum The circus' center ring is where all the performers move around and do their performance. The endoplasmic reticulum is used to transport and the center ring is where the performers move around. The Circus' Center Ring The trash cans Are like the lysosomes The trash cans are where the people put their trash. The lysosomes digests and gets rid of wastes. The Power Generator Is like the mitochondria The power generator keeps the lights and machines going. The mitochondria is the powerhouse for the cell. The Smell of animals is Like the cytoplasm When you're at the circus you can smell the animals that perform every where you go. The cytoplasm surrounds the nucleus and is inside the cell membrane. They both are every where you go but inside the cell membrane or tent. The Stagehands Are like the golgi body The stagehands put the tent up and take it down. The golgi body package and ship materials. The stage hands gets the circus packed up so its ready to move to a different place. The Lion Tamer Is like the DNA The lion tamer controls what the lions do. The DNA controls all cell activities. The end
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