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Environmental Health

An overview of the Environmental Health Educurious Unit

Educurious Team

on 12 November 2016

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Transcript of Environmental Health

Environmental Health
The Project
How Do Toxins Bioaccumulate?
Module 3
Data analysis and presentation
Module 9
You and your peers will design a phytoremediation experiment using fast-growing plants.

You'll then analyze and graph your experimental data and communicate your findings in a formal research report. In the process you'll learn all about plants, cells, food chains, and phytoremediation.

You might even make a new discovery!
What is my connection to chemicals in the environment?
Module 1
Toxins in the Environment
Module 2
How can we remove toxins from the Environment?
Module 4
How do I design an experiment?
Module 5
Plant and Animal Cells
Module 6
Generate questions about toxins in your community.
Start growing “Fast Plants” – seed to flower in 27 days!
Expert Video- The inventor of fastplants
Explore sources of environmental pollution
Learn how toxins can accumulate in the ecosystem
Test local water samples for toxins
Read chemical case studies
Video about Newfields, a bioremediation company
Read about bioremediation
Bioremediation assignment
Write a research design plan
Review plan with peers and expert
Build an organ
Look at cells under a microscope
Take cell structures quiz

Build evidence-based argument and draft conclusion from your data analysis
Create a PowerPoint presentation of your results to share with peers and experts
Need to Know Question:

Why Care?
Around the world countries are finding their soil, air, and water are polluted from the byproducts of manufacturing and consumer society. This is a threat to human health and the sustainability of our ecosystems. We need scientists and engineers who can solve these problems.

This unit will help you develop expertise in creating a testable hypothesis, collecting data, using expert guidance, and writing a research document.
Here's the path you'll follow to complete your project.
Setting up the Experiment
Review expert feedback on your research design plan
Set up your experiment with the fast plants
Module 7
Module 8
Experiment with photosynthesis in a test tube
Test your respiration with a clothespin
Explore carbon and nitrogen cycles
Module 10
Transpiration and Water Cycle
Learn how water moves through plants
Explore transpiration computer simulation
Build a model of your local watershed
Photosynthesis and Respiration
Module 11
Research Presentation
Present your findings to class
Take unit post-test
How can we use plants and other living things to remove toxins from our environment?
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