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The five themes of Romania

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Aisha Ahmed

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of The five themes of Romania

Sweden Romania Animal life;
Large animals are found all around the Carpathian Mountains like wild boars, wolves, lynxes, foxes, bears, deer, goat etc.

There are some fish found in rivers and offshore like salmon, eel, carp, flounders, perch and many more. Climate;
Cold cloudy winters w/ frequent snow and fog.
Sunny summers with frequent showers & thunderstorms.
Natural Vegetation;
The forests are 1/4th of Romania wooded steeps.
In hills and mountains, fruit trees grow. Land forms;
Romania is about the size of Michigan
--> Michigan 97,790 square miles
--> Romania 92,043 square miles
There are many mountain regions found in Romania.
Terrains are divided between rolling plains, hilly plateaus and towering mountains. Place (Physical Characteristics) By: Aisha Ahmed The 5 themes of Geography: Romania Location
Human-environment interaction
Region The 5 themes;; Romania has 9 regions: Banat, Bucovina, Crisana, Dobregea, Maramures, Muntenia, Moldova Oltenia, and Transylvania. Regions They mostly produce cereals, sugar beets and potatoes.
Romania mostly exports metals, textiles, footwear, chemicals, agricultural products, minerals and fuels.
A lot of times they import most of the things they export from countries as well.
Travel mostly happens through: air, roads, car rentals, trains, boats, buses, etc. Movement Bodies of water;
Black Sea
Waterfalls The capitol is Bucharest. Absolute Location: 45.7909 N, 24.7731 E 
Relative Location: Southeastern Europe, bordering the Black Sea, between Bulgaria and Ukraine.
Its located above the equator and is in the Northern Hemisphere.  Location of Romania Human environment interaction in Romania is similar to most other countries. Whenever we do anything to change the environment, that is interaction. 

Building roads.
Building houses.
Cutting down trees.
Planting crops
Polluting the atmosphere with carbon dioxide
Learning how to survive with little water.
Throwing litter
Establishing a landfill
Building a dam or a bridge across a river.
Deforestation, acid rains, floods, landslides; soil, water an air pollution; animal and plant species disappeared; drought. Human-environment interaction Language;
Romanian (official) 89.5%
Hungarian 6.6%
Roma 2.5%
Ukraine 0.3%
Russian 0.2%
Turkish 0.2%
Other 0.4%
Christianity 86.7%
Protestantism 6.5%
Roman Catholicism 4.7%
Other 1.2% Place (Human Characteristics)
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