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Baller Visions

No description

Jaxson Mannweiler

on 24 January 2017

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Transcript of Baller Visions

Declaration of Independence
when in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to go to school @11:00 A.M. that will enable them with to assume among the powers of the basketball, the separate and equal station to which the need for basketball and people giving money to people entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of school time requires that they should declare decent classes which impel them to the separation of drop outs.
Name of utopia
the name of my utopia is going to be Baller Visions. It is going to be Baller Visions because I love basketball and everyone in my family loves it and plays it. Also I want the vision of my utopia to be basketball so it just makes sense. Another reason is that Baller Visions is like a website/YouTube channel that makes hoop mixtapes of basketball players. I love basketball with a passion and i wanted to put it in my utopia.
list of complaints
there is too much school and we need to start school @11:00 A.M.
there is too many people that don't. have food or money.
there is too many people who have too much money and spend it on dumb things.
people are so rude and don't care about anything but themselves.
cops need to stop being so rude and thinking they can do anything because the have a badge.
Utopian Motto
My Utopian motto is Ball Is Life!
Life's necessities
The people in my utopia will get their food because there will be restaurants everywhere and there will be grocery stores also. Heath care will be the same as it is now. everyone will go threw the same schooling it just starts at 11:00. My society will use money but i will store the money in my mansion. There will be guards everywhere guarding it.
Baller Visions
Utopian Animal
My Utopian animal is the monkey!
must play basketball at least 2 hours a day
schools starts @ 11;00 A.M everyday
no littering
no skaters
no tax on food or drinks
people must help people in need
school lunches must be schmack
must play 2k for at least 2 hours a day
must have a pet monkey in your house
must treat everyone and every race the same
governing body
My government is a dictatorship. I will be the leader but I wont be mean. I will try to get through to my people and make my utopia better for my people. I will have my family and close friends make my decisions with me and if you are very smart and trustworthy any one can help me make decisions.
Religion plays a decent role in my utopia. People will be able to believe in any thing they wish to. I will not force it upon any one in my utopia world. I will believe in the same thing i do now but i wont look at my people any different if they think differently. So in my utopia will be free believes.
physical structure
In my utopia i will keep all 4 seasons. I will keep all 4 to keep everyone happy because others will enjoy one more than another. My utopia will be basically in the city and there will be other places for people to go to. For example woods, desert , etc. I love the city most so most of my utopia will be the city but there are other things to do.
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