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Adlerian Personality Priorities

No description

William Peach

on 11 April 2013

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Transcript of Adlerian Personality Priorities

Superiority Tries to: Be better than others (outdoing) or improve self (achieving); to be the most competent, capable, useful

Assets: Knowledgeable, precise, seeks perfection, high level of social interest (achieving)

Reactions: Feelings of inadequacy, inferiority, guilt

Price: Overburdened, over responsible, over-involved

Avoids: Meaningless in life, inadequacy What Are Personality Priorities? Developed by Alfred Adler and re-defined by subsequent Adlerians
Everybody has them! In fact, we all have each of them
Currently, there are 4 recognized by Adlerian theorists
No priority is better or worse than any other priority Pleasing Tries to: Please others Comfort Tries to: Seek comfort (each defines
comfort differently) So.... What did you learn about yourself or others?

How can you use this information as a professional camp counselor?


References available upon request Does this apply to camp? Adlerian Personality Priorities 1.Superiority
Achieving 2.Control
Of self
Of others 4.Comfort 3.Pleasing Control Tries to: Control self, others, situation Assets: Leadership potential, organized, productive, persistent, assertive, rule follower Reactions: Feels challenged, tension, resistance, frustration Price: Diminished capacity, lack of spontaneity, social distance Avoids: Humiliation, the unexpected, fears ridicule Assets: Friendly, considerate, non-aggressive, compromises, likely to volunteer, does what others' expect Reactions: Pleased at first; later exasperation and despair at their demands for improvement Price: Self-ideal vs. self-approval, alienation, incongruence and lack of self-definition Avoids: Rejection Assets: Easy going, few demands, minds
own business, peace-maker, mellow Reactions: Irritation, annoyance, boredom Price: Reduced productivity, doesn't use talents or live up to full potential Avoids: Stress, responsibility, expectations
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