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Albright Services for Students Who Learn Differently

Disability Services at Albright College

Yuriko Beaman

on 30 June 2015

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Transcript of Albright Services for Students Who Learn Differently

Tips from Other Students
"Focus more on your academics"

"Don't go back for seconds"
Other Helpful Tips
Meet your professor in office hours several times during the semester.

Get a student planner or use an app like MyHomework https://myhomeworkapp.com

Utilize tutoring early and often

IEP or 504
If you had an IEP or 504 plan in high school you might be hesitant to request services at college.
Many students say they don’t want to be labeled again and that they want to try things on their own at first.
But consider this….

The Academic Learning Center provides peer tutoring, academic skills workshops, and academic coaching.

The Writing Center provides help with all aspects of the writing process.
Thank you!
Welcome to Albright!
We are happy that you will join our community in the fall!

One of the great things about college is the increased freedom, but that comes with increased responsibility.

Fortunately you will have a variety of resources, including other students, to help you.
How to Request Services
Contact Ms. Beaman at ybeaman@albright.edu and request the “Accommodation Packet”

If you have questions you can also ask her but some of them are difficult to answer without further information from you.
You can also call 610-929-6639

Gather more information at http://www.albright.edu/disabilityservices

Albright Services for Students Who Learn Differently
Yuriko Beaman, Director of Disability Services
Services for students with disabilities are vastly different in college.

College Services
You talk with me and your professors, on an individual basis, about what works best for you.

You will not be required to take specific courses or go to a resource room a few times per day.

College Services
You can pick up an accommodation letter and you choose to provide that letter to your professors.

You choose how often you use your accommodations.

It's up to you.
More Tips
"There will be plenty of time to socialize after you get your work done."

"Use an organizer"
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