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Breaking Bad

No description

Michael Kagan

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad
Does Walter White Live an Enviable or an Admirable Life?
What does it mean for one to lead an Admirable life?
An Enviable Life?
Walt's "Good" Actions
Plans to leave all money for his family after death
Covers brother in-law's medical bills after drug cartel incident
Buys son his dream car
Forces partner to quit smoking meth
Walt's "Bad" Actions
Cooks meth
Kills nearly 200 people (directly and indirectly)
Poisons a 5 year old boy to manipulate Jesse
Lies to his family and friends
Steals from various places
The list goes on...
Socrates' Three Parts of the Soul
All equally compose the human soul
Walter's Imbalance
"Man Is The Measure of All Things"
Universal Rules
Does Walter White Live an Enviable or an Admirable Life?
...Or Neither?
The Facts on Walt's Life
Dana Friedman
Jessica Morin
Kate Schade
Morgan Bruzzese
Michael Kagan
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