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Intelligent Traffic Light System

Malintha Fernando

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of Project

People waste more than 30% of their time at traffic lights during travel in urban areas!!!

Do you have ever crammed at Red light in a junction even without a vehicle in joined roads?

Do you have seen traffic lights give much priority to roads with less number of vehicles?

So are we…

Then we determined the importance of having an intelligent traffic light system.
Older systems uses weight as a trigger mechanism.

When a vehicle comes on to lever it completes the circuit and switch on the system.

This is also little odd to use with modern light weight vehicles.
Weight triggering mechanism
What are we looking for...
•Our Aim

Our aim is to develop a proper system to reduce the time wasting at traffic lights due to unfair division of time for different traffic flows.
Our Objectives
Identifying different stages of the problem we found.

Finding solutions for mentioned problem.

Applying solutions to single system with microcontroller programming.

Developing the device.

Evaluating the activity of the system in various situations.

Finalizing the project with the documentation.
Our Approach
We identified IR waves as the best media to trace the presence of vehicles and the length of traffic flows.
People who are benefitted
Whole economy of the country
Process of the Application
IR LED -> Vehicle -> IR Reciever -> IC -> Traffic Light

IR waves reflected from vehicle surfaces

Traffic lights is the interface to the user and can be known as the output of the process.
Our Design
Consists of
Vehicle identification modules
IC 16F877A
Traffic light system
Switch panels
Major stop switch
Pedestrian Crossing

Major Components will be needed
IR receivers
16F877A IC
•Schematic of a IR transmitting circuit
•Schematic of a IR detecting circuit
•Powering up a Lamp
Softwares and tool suits will be used
MP Lab IDE with PIC Basic Pro Tool suit and Mikro C toolsuit

Proteus Pro as the simulation software

PIC kit 2 as the EEPROM writing software
•Manual priority setting switch can be implemented.

•Possible to develop for a 4 way junction too.

•More IR sensors can be used to indicate the presence
of pedestrians.
Further Implementations
Detemining the number of vehicles
Distance between two sensors represents 2-3 conventional size vehicles.
Intelligent Traffic Light System
•What Aussies have done…?

Identify presence of vehicles in roads with modern cameras and set traffic lights work according to the behavior of traffic flows.

But the inconsistency of that system to Sri Lanka is it’s high cost.
Current solutions for the problem
Overview of the Presentation
Others' Works
Our Aim & Objectives
Our Approach
The Design
Whats More...?
•Time allocation for various number of vehicles
Thank you for your attention!
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