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Kelantan River system

No description

Chee Yuan Oei

on 12 October 2013

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Transcript of Kelantan River system

Recommendations to improve the water quality of Kelantan River
-Proper Management on the river sand mining monitoring is needed to ensure the sustainability of Kelantan River System

-Local authority such as Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) should strictly monitor the operation of sand mining along the river. Should there any activities which cause landslide, the miners are responsible to repair the particular mining site.

-improve the understanding of the public about the impact of river sand mining on aquatic ecosystem.
The Study of Water Quality on Kelantan River
Aim : To study the effect of sand mining activities on Kelantan River with respect to physical and chemical parameter analysis
Background of Kelantan River
-Catchment Area about 11900km square
-Annual Rainfall Range from 0 to 1750mm
-pass through important towns-Kuala Krai,Tanah Merah, Kota Bharu
-Become turbid since early of 1990s due to high suspended solid due to approximately 128 sand mining activities along the river
Kelantan River was a clean river except certain parameters
(TSS, turbidity,nitrate) which exceed the limit in INWQS
due to sand mining and upstream logging activities.
So just now was INWQS

And now we introduce another indexing system -Water Quality Index (WQI)

To simplify the extensive amount of data collected coherent to the parameters listed in the INWQS , WQI summarize overall water quality level into a simple term(i.e one number) to make it easily understandable for communities.
Be a part of solution, not the pollution !
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