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Putting a Student Face on Facilities

No description

Tom Converso

on 29 June 2018

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Transcript of Putting a Student Face on Facilities

What in the World is a FRA?
Bridging the Gap Between Housing and Residence Life

Amanda Cunningham, Thomas Converso, and Bryan Shelangoski
University of Louisville

Handles low level facilities issues while communicating with students when the works has been completed
Resident work orders are routed to the Program Coordinator for Facilities as well as the FRA's email account
Provides facilities related programming to residents
Communicates directly with Resident Director and Program Coordinator for Facilities
Works desk shift to be more visible to residents

Handle low level facilities issues
Communicate with the Program Coordinator and Associate Director for Facilities
Only interacts with students while doing work or checking a rooms condition

Handle programming and policy enforcement within the residence hall
Communicate with the Resident Director
Interacts with students during programs, while at the desk, and during building tours
Working With Residents
Working with Residence Hall Staff
How I have Worked with the Position
Justification for Position
Bridging the gap between Facilities and Residence Education by putting a student face on facilities
More direct communication to RAs and Residents about facility related issues
Allows the RD to have a staff member that can handle low level issues rather than having to put in an additional request through our fix-it-form system
Providing programming that is geared towards educating residents on the importance of their physical space in regards to their UofL experience
Facilities Assistant
Resident Assistant
The Facilities Resident Assistant
Pilot Buildings
Works two three hour desk shifts per week
Provides two programs each semester
Goes to every room in the building to touch base with residents about unresolved issues
Required to attend hall wide programs the same as RAs
Hold four office hours a week in the building
Has a section on every staff meeting agenda so he can update the staff on all things facilities related
Takes part in all staff development and bonding activities
Solicits feedback from RAs about what issues they see in the building that are not being addressed
Has bi-weekly 1on1s with RD
Talked with FRA about how he envisions facilities being worked into the programming for our hall
Had him create an email that he will send out to residents when their work orders have been completed
I had John lead a staff meeting with our ADF in which he guided the discussion with questions submitted by the RAs
I have been able to think of an action plan for the year that will expose John to the different sides of being a RD so he can see more than just the facilities which will allow him to decide if this is a field he is interested in pursuing in the future.
Thank you
Facilities Style
Light Bulbs
Leaking Sink
Bed Bugs
Broken Furniture
Hanging Stuff on Walls
What they have to say....
"Allow RAs to have a better understanding of how things work in the facilities department"
"I have learned how to better communicate issues that are happening in the building"
"I think it's great to have someone who can check up on the progress of work orders"
"I have multiple resources to help me when it comes to programming, student relations and student knowledge"
"I feel a strong sense of unity between facilities and residence life, something that can often times be hard to create"
"I want to be the person they can come to at any time with issues they have in the building"
History of the Facility Assistant position
Reasoning for the position:
Housing work orders not a priority for Physical Plant, very slow turn around
More efficiently address low level facilities issues
University Tower Apartments
Louisville Hall
Why This Position is Possible and was an easy Transition
The FA position already existed
We are non-union university
Housing and Residence Life operates as an auxiliary
Buy in and support from the Residence Life team
High expectations
Procedurally-sound and service-oriented
Follow-up and follow-through

Facilities = unimportant/not as important? FALSE!
Study conducted by Gary Reynolds: The Impact of Facilities on Recruitment and Retention of Students
46 institutions participated
16,153 students
13,782 (U.S. only)
Spring 2005
27 states
95 percent of students were full-time
21 percent first-year
20 percent sophomore
23 percent junior
25 percent senior
11 percent graduate
68/32 percent female to male ratio
85 percent white, non-Hispanic
83 percent from a public high school
69 percent lived on-campus at least one year
47 percent attended a large, public institution
18 percent attended a smaller, public institution
13 percent attended a larger, private institution
20 percent attended a smaller, private institution
Demographics of Study
"Students attending private institutions were more satisfied than those at public institutions with their dining halls, on campus residence halls, classrooms, engineering and science facilities, "open spaces" facilities and visual arts center" (p.75)
"The analysis suggest that institutional characteristics and facilities have a direct correlation with a students decision, both initially and after enrollment" (p.77)
"An attractive campus sand quality facilities do play a role in the decision process, but they are not necessarily always a deciding factor, though the results suggest a significant number of respondents rejected on institution because important facilities were missing, inadequate, or poorly maintained" (p.77)
"The responses to several questions designed to explore similar issues from different perspectives indicate that the two most important facilities are a quality facility related to their major and residence halls on campus" (p.77)
Final Findings
Further Justification
Built: 1970s
Beds: 185
Style: Apartments
Built: 1991
Beds: 214
Style: Suites
~40% of all residence hall work orders come from these two buildings
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