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What is ESP?

No description

Neny Isharyanti

on 14 January 2015

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Transcript of What is ESP?

What is ESP?
What is ESP?
Contextualizing ESP
The Development of ESP
Again, the definition of ESP is...
An approach to language teaching in which all decisions as to content and method
are based on the learner’s reason for learning
different from
General English?
individual ESP course
for study or for work/training?
practical vs. intellectual
learners' language
the basics
What is
Not teaching specialized varieties/different kinds of English
So... what is ESP?
an approach to language learning
An approach to language teaching in which all decisions as to content and method are based on the learner’s reason for learning
Not just words and grammar for specific field. It is also about performance and competence of the learners in using and learning the language
Not different from other form of language teaching.
why does the learner need to learn a foreign language?
Register Analysis
Rhetorical/Discourse Analysis
Target Situation Analysis
Skills & Strategies Approach
A Learning-centered Approach & Genre Analysis
identification of grammar & lexical features of certain registers (quantitative)
focus on forms on sentence level, not communication
ESP --> grammatical drills, vocabulary items
above level sentence
focus on the sentence & the writer's purpose
communicative values of the discourse, rather than the grammatical & lexical properties
ESP --> functions
not the analysis of the linguistic features in the field in general, but on the communication needs in the target situation
plus, the analysis of the learning needs
the conception of needs
the conception of research
the concept of authenticity
same strategies of processing text in real world
previously, all approaches were in language use (focus on language features or language skills/strategies)
how someone acquires the competence (skills/strategies) to perform the language (features)
not really...
the same
language features
language skills/strategies
teaching-learning methodology
different decision making
learner's reason for learning
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