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Inclusive Children's Literature

Developing advocacy, awareness and acceptance of children with special needs through children's literature.

Natasha Babbitt

on 24 April 2011

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Transcript of Inclusive Children's Literature

Acceptance through children's literature that dipicts children with special needs This text is designed to help siblings and peers to gain understanding of the struggles and triumphs of children with autism. This text has an easy to read format and has great conversation starters. Inclusion teachers may want to use a text like this during circle time, guidance, classroom meetings for character development, for the text not only offers suggestions for children to gain understanding about autism, but it also offers suggestions of how to be a good friend to any of their peers. Written from the perspective of his eight-year old sister, this book describes the emotions of a siblings with a special needs brother. The sister describes her brother's autism and mentions how different her family may look due to the complexity of autism, yet she is very supportive and accepting of her brother's disorder. This text is an excellent read for families and would be an excellent text for a family book discussion. This text could also be used as a model of excellent and heart-felt writing to provide for children to write their own book about their family structure. This text is a great text for siblings with disabilities. It is written from the perspective of the typically developing sibling and offers honest emotions towards their sibling. The text teaches empathy and acceptance through the sibling taking a walk in the special needs siblings shoes. This text is a very popular book for Kindergarten teachers to read to their students during the first week of school. It offers comfort for the student through the humor and explaination of all of the different things that Ms. Bindergarten does to get ready for school. The book depicts a child whom has a physical disbaility and is in a wheelchair. The book does not highlight this nor ignore this, rather it is just part of the classroom and is presented through this series of books that the children speak and interact with this student the same as the other students in the classroom. This text is written for children in late elementary through middle school. It offers an honest look into the lives of siblings of children with disbailities. The text is written by over fifteen children whom have special needs siblings and shows the multiple ways in which a family can become involved in advocacy. This text is from the company that runs Sibshops, a program in which offers support and understanding for the sibligns of special needs children. The text offers the reasoning behind the program, commonly asked questions and games and starter activities for funning a workshop using their program. This text would be excellent for social workers, counselors and teachers, but would also be helpful for parents whom are concidering enrolling or have enrolled thier children in Sibshops. Living With A Brother or Sister With Special Needs is an excellent resource for information directed at young elementary school aged children. This text offers explainations as to why their sibling may have a disability, techniques that they may use and medical information that can be easily understood by a young child. This text offers a positive outlook on growing up with a sibling with special needs. It offers techniques as well as coping skills needed for this family structure. The text is aimed at children in elementary school, yet children in middle school may benifit from reading it as well. This is an excellent text to open discussion in counceling and for parents to present to their typically developing children during tough times. This text is a great read for children in the academic setting, clinical setting as well as home setting. It provides a quick story about a boy whom has a friend with autism. The book provides examples the various activites that the children can do together despite the disability. This text offers a quick and easy read directed towards young elementary and preschool aged children. My Friend Has Autism depicts two young boys and their friendship. It offers suggestions for activities and shows the multiple different activities that the boys can do together despite his disability. This text is excellent for teachers to use in their classroom, inclusion teacher, behavior speciallists, counslors as well as parents to use to teach chilren that children with autism like to play as well. This text is an excellent read that provides opportunity for discussion after reading. Text discusses friendship with a child with autism. It touches on the behavior of children with autism as well as provides examples within the text of activities on how a child can involve thier friend with autism. This book is excellent for inclusion classrooms, clinical settings as well as families.
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