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No description

Andrew Taylor

on 1 November 2010

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Transcript of Brickwork

Brickwork By: AndrewTaylor
Aaron Burkhart Savannah is host to a variety of
different brickwork. They include... Flemish Bond Common Bond Running Bond Each bond has special charateristics
that distinguish it from the other. The flemish bond is a type of brickwork bond that
alternating headers and stretchers in each course.
Each header is centered above and below a stretcher. You can see the headers that are painted white, while
the stetchers are painted green. The common bond is also called the American Bond. It has a course of headers between every five or six courses of stretchers. Headers Stretchers The running bond also known as the stretcher bond,
it is composed of overlapping stretchers. Stretcher Over Stretcher The stack bond or stacked bond is a bond that has
successive courses of stretchers with all head joints
aligned vertically. Vertically aligned heads. A soldier course is where the stretcher is placed
in a vertical position with the heads aligned with
each other. Continuous course of soldiers. This image is of and open flemish bond.
Where the place for the heads has been
left empty in order to see through it. Place for heads.
Left empty in order
to see through This is a type of flemish bond
with cruciform openings. Cruciform opening with no stretch present. This type of brickwork is a type of
alternating bricks that looks like a
waving motion. It faintly resembles
flemish diagonal brickwork. Alternating direction. Each column changes position. This is a another example of a soldier course. Again each stretch is placed in a
vertical position alligned next to
each other. This is another example of a flemish bond. The headers face on the outside every other layer. Stack Bond, etc. The End Questions? An english bond is one where alternate courses
of headers and stretchers in which the headers are
centered on stretchers. The joints between stretchers line up vertically in all courses.

Unfortunatly unable to find one in city so example is shown on right. In Savannah
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