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College and Career Guidance Lessons

This group project will highlight four lessons covering college and career exploration.

Andrew Knoblich

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of College and Career Guidance Lessons

Backpack to Briefcase:
Classroom Guidance Lessons Purpose of Unit Through this guidance curriculum, students will be able to:

•Know about possible careers and the world of work
•Know how to explore careers in a specific area
•Make plans beyond graduation
•Know about various colleges and what they offer
•Visit colleges and ask relevant questions Purpose of Unit (cont.)

•Choose a college that will help them prepare for a specific career
•Know which majors will prepare them for a specific career
•Know how to decide on a field of study
•Know the requirements for high school graduation
•Know how to select courses that will help meet career goals Procedure Target students in Junior-level classes to conduct career & college exploration classroom guidance lessons.
Two lessons will be conducted in the Fall, the remaining two will be conducted in the Spring.
Work collaboratively with faculty to identify any opportunities to work across the curriculum. Four Guidance Lessons for this Unit include: 1.) Career Exploration
2.) Exploring Post Secondary Options
3.) What Can I Do With this Major?
4.) The College Admissions Process ***Students Use "Inspect your options worksheet"***
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