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Shirley Temple


Maria Moreno

on 6 April 2010

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Transcript of Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple
Black Worked for State Department for 27 years Mother of 3 Tough-talking fiscal conservative but moderate on social issues U.S. delegate to the United Nations 1968 Nixon names her Diagnosed with breast cancer in 1972 Ambasador to Ghana 1974-1977 1976-1977 First Female Head of Protocol Pres. Gerald Ford All state dept. visits, ceremonies, gifts to
foreign heads of state, etc.1 1987 Appointed honorary
Foreign Service Officer 1989-1992 Ambasador to Czechoslovakia "I was told I was going to a Stalinist backwater, one of the toughest countries around. And I thought, 'Good! Let's go get 'em!' "
Member of the Stanford Institue of International Studies
Council of Foreign Relations
World Affairs Council
National Comm. on US-China Relations
Board of Directors of the American Academy of Diplomacy Children's Icon Great Depression
Model Child
Loveable Icon Merchandise Mugs
Dolls Shirley Temple as an Actress Began career in 1931
Educational Pictures
Baby Burlesks
Frolics of Youth 20th Century Fox (1934)
Bright Eyes
Generally cast as an orphan Later films (1940-1949) less popular Significance of Shirley Temple Filled void during Great Depression
Wife-like role to widowed fathers
Played mediator to social classes
Quintessential American to foreign audiences
Perfection, purity The End
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