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01.04 Module One Quiz


Valentino G

on 12 November 2014

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Transcript of 01.04 Module One Quiz

01.04 Module One Quiz
Valentino G

Task #2
First off, I wanna say that I constructed my initials using notebook paper so the compass & straightedge was involved, but I'm just going to explain what I did for V. First off, I had to draw one vertical line, this would represent the back of the letter v as you can see in the picture. Next I had to draw another vertical line that represents the back of the letter g. Next I inserted three lines in between V & G to show that the letters are close to each other. I got my compass & I begin to insert my arcs to make sure that everything is measured & looks right. I would say more but I don't have enough space, so on to the next slide...
Task #3
Task #3 Continued
Task #4
Task #1
The following polygon that I inscribed was the equilateral triangle. To begin doing this, I had to start with drawing a simple circle with my compass & also making sure I marked the center as well. After the first step I created arcs that are along the circles & also making sure the compass is inserted on a random spot first & after wards placing it on the arcs. Before we go to the next step, we have to make sure we went around the circle & next insert six arcs. In addition, when those steps are done I had to use my straightedge to make sure everything is connected right. With that being said I the following three lines that connect the arcs together like tissue created an equilateral triangle that's inscribed in a circle.
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