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Yr7 / Rousseau I.S

No description

Mr Prytherch

on 26 November 2018

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Transcript of Yr7 / Rousseau I.S

To get you thinking...
Your Task
You must create a unique and imaginative
presentation about Henri Rousseau and his paintings.
This must include a selection of his paintings with analysis about each one, and then your own drawings in his style.

Click left and right to move through the Prezi
Task 1
- You need to create an imaginative and colourful tilte page.

-Don't forget to add a contents page before you do the rest of the work
Task 2
- You need to collect at least 10
interesting facts about Rousseau

-Find at least 5 of his paintings and explain what they are about and what you like about them.
This shows that you can evaluate and explain each painting.
Task 3
- Select your favourite Rousseau painting and create your own drawing of it
- make sure it is detailed, acccurate and colourful.
Task 4
'Own Work'
- Now that you have learnt all about Henri Rousseau and how he works. You need to create you own landscape in his style.
-Dont just copy another one, think about a local landscape or your favourite holiday photo and recreate that.
-Try to use colour and pattern just like Rousseau...
Use any medium...
Good Luck!
Create your prtesentation on Google slides then share your work with your teacher. Photograph your drawings and try to upload them to your presentation. If you can't do this then bring the drawings into the lesson.
t.prytherch@mardenhigh.net / l.noble@mardenhigh.net
Make sure you have
completed every TASK.
You have made your own copy of a Rousseau painting
Your copy is accurate and includes some detail.
You have skilfully and confidently produced your own copy of a Rousseau painting.
Level 1.+
Level 2
Level 3+
You have created a clear title.
You have used accurate and bold fonts to clearly display your title
You have skilfully and confidently used colour, tone and a bold font to create an imaginative title page
Level 2
Level 3+
You have found 10 facts from the internet
You have selected and indentified 10 interesting facts about Henri Rousseau
You have researched and thoroughly analysed each painting giving clear explanations to why you have chosen them.
Level 2
Level 3+
Level 1+
Level 1+
You have produced your own drawing in the style of a Henri Rousseau painting.
You have successfully produced a detailed drawing in the style of Henri Rousseau.
You have skilfully and confidently created your own drawing in the style of a Rousseau painting.
Level 1.+
Level 2
Level 3+
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