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01.09 Pre-writing process narative planner

No description

Richard David

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of 01.09 Pre-writing process narative planner

King Pluto seems like a wealthy man, a god that doesn't seem to be happy because he doesn't have the things he wants.Why? Because he picks up Proserpina to be his maid.
How would you describe this character?
Conflict Experienced
What? Conflict
A Tall white man with nice golden hair, the body of a god, and wearing a greek mythology robe.
Physical Appearance
How would you describe this character?
01.09 Pre-writing process Narrative Planner
-" The Pomegranate Seeds"

Character Name- King Pluto
How would you describe this character?
King Pluto is a wealthy man that is looking for someone to someone to take care of his needs.So every time a young lady passes by the seaside he comes from underground to take the young lady to his home to meet his wants and needs.
How would you describe this character?
The character's attitude is very determined. Why? Because King Pluto wants a maid to meet his needs.
King Pluto comes from underground after noticing a female wandering by the seaside and ends up kidnap Proserpina and taker her back to his palace for her to be his maid.
King Pluto has a new maid to take back to his palace since he kidnapped Proserpina.
" How does this character respond?"
King Pluto has Proserpina do all of his wants and needs around his palace.
Write some words or phrases that will help you describe the setting of your story. Where do the events take place? What does it look like there? What does it feel like there?
The setting of the story is at King Pluto's hide out by the seaside and the forest; there is a shady walk way with trees on each side with the sound of waves and a view of the ocean.
My story takes place in both part 2 & 3
Plan the course of events in narrative
The beginning of the story will start off with King Pluto settling Proserpina in to his palace getting her ready for the job of being his maid.When all of the sudden Proserpina ignores King Pluto because she falls into a flash back of her mom "Ceres" telling her not to go seaside.
Rising Action
King Pluto reacts by snapping her back to reality and telling her not to worry about her old life and anybody worrying about her because he's not a bad man and he'll give her a better life then before and that she will be fine.King Pluto begins to think Proserpina will try and run away.
King Pluto goes and tends his daily routine and when he leaves Proserpina starts plotting ways of escaping while shes completes King Pluto's chores she scheming escape plans and the perfect times to execute her escape.
Falling Action

King Pluto is preparing lunch for Proserpina. As he insist that Proserpina to eat and all of the sudden King Pluto starts to notice his dog Cerberus barking.So he just tells him to quite down until he hears Cerberus whine in the distance.Where he sees Ceres enter the front door.
Ceres yells at King Pluto with rage what are you doing to my daughter. King Pluto puts on a guilty face and says he just wanted to feed her and that he found her wandering in the woods so her brought her back to his palace. So Ceres signals Proserpina to come to her but King Pluto grabs her before she can go and with a grin he tries to negotiate a deal with Ceres for them to live with him and be his maids but before he could finish what he was saying Ceres casts a spell that puts King Pluto in a death hold of vines.King Pluto then starts to worry for his life and reconsiders his negotiation and give Proserpina to Ceres and promises never to mess with them again.Then Ceres lets him go and is on her way with tears of joy with Proserpina.When they leave King Pluto then fixes up his and sits in his master bed room thinking of other ways to get a new maid.
Think of how you would want the reader to feel after reading your story.Brainstorm ways to use different literacy devices to establish tone and emotion. List the literacy devices you intend to use and provide at least one example of each.
King Pluto snatches Proserpina before she can go to Ceres and starts making negotiations.
King Pluto kidnaps Proserpina and makes her his maid for his wants and needs.
Proserpina thinks back when her mother told her not to go to the forest seaside.
Point of View:
What point of view will you use in your story?
Why did you choose that point of view?

Third person-omniscient point of view
I'm going to use this because not only am I looking through King Pluto's mind but also Proserpina's.
Tone- What is the attitude of your story?
Neediness and desperation
How will you communicate that tone?
Through the characters thoughts and actions.
How do you want your reader to feel after they read your story?
I would want the readers to understand that loved ones always good intentions when they tell you things.
What paces fits your narrative. Why?
not too fast but not to slow because I want the reader to be able to get whats happening.
How will you create that pace?
By explaining how King Pluto gets Proserpina and how he loses her.
By Richard David
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