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English speaking countries and their cultures

No description

Tale Hynne

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of English speaking countries and their cultures

English speaking countries and their cultures
By: Tale Hynne
Competence aims
Discuss and elaborate on the way people live and how they socialise in Great Britain, USA and other English-speaking countries and Norway

Explain features of history and geography in Great Britain and the USA

Communicate and converse about contemporary and academic topics

Key English 10

Main facts
Nature and geography
Life in Canada
Main facts
Global warming
Life in Australia
-Commonwealth of Australia and Canada

-Former colonies of the British Empire

-Best countries to live in

-Strong economy
-The capital is Ottawa

-9.9 million square kilometers

-32 million residents

-Covers six of the worlds 24 time zones
-Most wilderness

-Every possible type of landscape and weather

-80% live within 300 kilometers of the US border

-Most southerly point

-Most northerly point

-Longest coastline in the world
-Very multicultural

-Influenced by immigrants

-Mostly people with British and French origin


-Olympic Games
-Jacques Cartier, 1535

-Multicultural and

-Second largest french-speaking city

-Old world charm and big city exitement
-7.6 million square kilometeres

-20 million residents

-Is the 6th largest country in the world

-Te capital is Canberra

-Has coast to the indian ocean and the pacific ocean
-Good schools give good education

-Six hours a day, five days a week


-Many different subjects

-recess and lunch
-The third biggest producer of greenhouse gases

-Extreme weather

-Temperature has risen
-Bautiful beaches and crystal blue sea

-Booming economy

-Quite low living expences

-Hospitable and culturally

The British colonization
-Europeans discovered Australia,1601

-James Cook went ashore on the east coast,1770

-Claimed it for the British king

-Sending prisoners to Australia, 1788

-Port Jackson

-Started on the British colonization

-Setteled as free citizens
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