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The Burton Corperation

No description

Ryan Guy

on 10 December 2013

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Transcript of The Burton Corperation

The Snowboarding Industry
The Environment
Situational Analysis
Target Market
Strategy for the 4P's
Implementation Plan
The Burton Corporation
Marketing Plan
$487 Million Annually
5 Million People
40-70% Market Share
55% Market Share for Snowboards
66% More than Biggest Competitor
-Snowboarding is an Expensive Luxury

-Snowboarding Revenue Follows the Economy

Burton's Revenue
Burton's Revenue
-Our company Has Faced Controversy for Their Designs

-Designs Were labeled as: Promoting Self Mutilation and Degrading to Women

-Burton Believes their Consumers are not Sensitive to the Designs

-Potential Loss In Customers
- We Compete with other Brands in Product Technology

-We Competes with the Technology for Snowboards, Boots, Bindings, Clothing and all other Related Accessories

-We was Established from their Technological Product Advancements with Snowboards, and they still lead in this field.

-Design Various Boards for Various Terrains.
Males: 74% Females: 26%

-The Majority of Snowboarders Are Males Between the Ages of 12-24

-73% of Snowboarders are under 25

-We are trying to appeal to women, children under twelve, and men over thirty years of age
-Snowboarding Culture Emits a Sense of Rebellion

-Burton is Trying to appeal to new Demographics that are not Attracted by the Rebellious Culture

-Snowboarding has learned to coexist with Skiing

-Friendly and Respectful Atmosphere on the Mountain
-We are trying to remove gender roles within the sport by attracting women to the sport.

-We have and continue to form partnerships to protect the environment

-We have joined various companies and foundations to reduce the environmental impact in hopes to save the sport for future generations. Global warming means less snowfall which means shorter seasons.

-Within our company we have formed recycling and diversification Programs.

-Our company wants to promote that anyone can snowboard

-Brand Name Known throughout the World

-Technological Innovations have enhanced the Sport and Established the Brand

-Top Manufacturer of Snowboards

-Highest Quality Products

-Top Sponsor of World Class Talent in Snowboarding

-Loyal Customer Base from Positive Experience with Burton

-Thousands of Retail Locations in Various Countries

-Website Available in Various Countries
-Seasonal Industry

-Higher Price than Competitors

-Maintaining the Brand is Costly

-Product Does not Differentiate Itself Enough
-New product lines are highly anticipated by our customers

-Snowboarding is Expanding Globally

-Global Expansion Gives Access to New Target Markets, New locations for Burton, and New Athletes that could be Potentially Sponsored
-A Bad Season is A Bad Year

-Poor Economic Conditions Result in a Loss of Revenue because Burton Sells Luxury Goods

-Many Substitutes to Burton Products Are Available

-Knock-off Versions of Burton Products are Sold Cheaply.

-Burton's Price Point is Higher than their Competitors
Snowboards: There are currently 61 on the market (36 Male) (15 Female). The various Graphics on the boards are meant to attract certain age ranges and genders accordingly. Brand reputation and customer service is what will sell the Snowboards.

Boots: We have 17 different men’s boots, 12 women’s, and 4 youths which all are categorized by support (flexible, mid, stiff). The selections are based on the sales projections. Most boots sales are for men so man have the most selections.

Bindings: 21 male bindings, 10 female bindings, and 5 youth bindings all varying in flexibility for a different ride.

The Burton products are more expensive than their competitors. Burton sells products because of their brand name and reputation. Reputation and quality draws customers in. Quality service allows customers to get to know Burton products, and the warranty ensures the customer of their product.
-Burton Sets the Price in the Market

-Burton is Top Name Brand and Customers Pay for extra for the Name.

-Current Pricing for Burton Snowboards range from $99.95 to $1,499.95.

-Average Price between Men, Women, and Youth is $476.06

-Leader in snowboard innovation and technology boosts the product value, creating and inelastic product value/price
-We plan to open 20 more stores, 10 in U.S hotspots such as Northern California and Colorado, 2 in Japan, and 8 in Sweden where snowboarding is a way of life.

-Stores located in the United States and various other countries that are present in the sport such as Japan. We plan to open 20 more stores

-We will expand our partnerships which are already immense to establish our presence in more retail locations

-We will partner with resorts to have them offer discounts overnight stays, and lift tickets to those who ride a Burton board.
-Established Website that draws in Traffic, Internet Advertising, Social Media following on Twitter and Facebook Where we Host Raffles and Giveaways

-Burton Sponsors the Biggest Name Athletes in Professional Snowboarding.

-Burton's Signature Board Designs have the Burton Logo and Name Printed on the Board

-Host Competitions to find new Sponsorees for Burton and Promote Publicity

-Team up with Ski resorts to offer promotions

-Advertise at Biggest Snowboarding Events, and Television Advertisements During the Most Watched Snowboarding Events such as the X-games.
-Gender Target Market = Males

-Males Represent about 74% of the total Snowboarding Market

-Burton has thrived on the male demographic
Male 12-31
-Women represent about 26% of the snowboarding demographic

-Burton is developing new marketing campaigns to reach to female demographic

-Burton's Target Market are: Males Ages 12-31 = 57.7% of total Snowboarding Demographic

-51.7% of snowboarders are under the age of 17

-73% of Snowboarders are under the age of 25

-Burton is also targeting outside of the age range majority, hoping to bring in Children under 12 and adults over 31 years old
-To break the age and gender restrictions of our consumer base we are positioning ourselves under the precedent that anyone cans nowboard regardless of age and gender and our products will accommodate any rider regardless of experience level as well.

-Burton's entire corporation and brand has been positioned to reach males from youths to younger adults.

-Burton captures the demographic through branding. The Burton brand is synonymous with rebellion, youth, boldness, and a carefree attitude.

-To reach the female demographic Burton will end specific board designs that repelled females and instead design new board lines specifically to interest females.

-By removing the controversial boards featuring nude women, and self mutilation Burton will be more desirable with the female demographic and because they are so dominant with the male demographic they should see little repercussions from males.

-Similarly new boards designs will be produced to entice children and older males. By reaching men, women, and children Burton will be able to target the entire family unit.
Segmentation Criteria

Target Segment
Benefits Sought:



Snowboarders who are looking to enjoy the most out of the sport.

Sex: Male (57.7%) Female (32.8%)
Age: 10 to 30 (73% under 25)
Household Income: Primarily $50,000 to $100,000+

Adventurous, knowledgeable, interested, and active

United States, Canada, Europe, Asia, Australia
-The product strategy for Burton is to develop to superior quality and performance products.

-Burton is a leader in snowboarding innovation since their founding and aims to maintain this within our products

-Burton will continue to make advancements to the technology in order to differentiate its own product from their substitutes and maintain a position of superiority in the public eye.

-Burton products are all sold with a one year replacement or repair warranty that ensures customers that they are guaranteed a product for at least that length of time.

-To keep attracting new customers Burton is developing new designs to appeal to members outside our current customer base.
-Burton's price strategy is to set the price

-Burton is the leader in the industry and so they determine the price

-Currently Burton is pricing their products higher than competitors to create the perception that their products are superior to competitors

-Maintaining sales that are more than twice a much as the nearest competitor even with a higher price point establishes customers perceive more value even with the higher price point.
-Burton sells their products in thousands of retail locations in a several countries. We will open more stores in more countries to expand

-Burton has partnerships with retailers and their products are sold in thousands of stores which we will expand.

-We hope to make Burton's online presence more significant with partnering with new retailers.

We hope to partner with ski resorts to make our presence known on the mountain
-We will be hosting new events and competitions

-We will partner with ski resorts to offer discounts to those riding a Burton board.

-Burton will always sponsors the biggest named athletes and competitions in the sport.

-We promote through social media

-We will hold sales outside the regular season

-Burton will promote on television only during the biggest events because their target market are rarely reached by television.

Measurement Plan

-Return on Investment (ROI)
-Purchase Funnel
- Goal Completion Rate
- Incremental Sales
- Traffic Sources
- Costs per Lead
- Social Interactions
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