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PH 223 33:4-6

No description

Richard Datwyler

on 6 February 2017

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Transcript of PH 223 33:4-6

The current in a solenoid is increasing. The solenoid has a conductive ring inside it. Is there a current induced in the ring, and if so what direction?
A ring is in plane with a wire as shown, if the ring is brought closer to the wire what direction will the induced current in the ring be in region A, and then if continued the same motion, region B?
B constant
into screen

What is the direction of the current the ring crosses each axis individually?
A 1000 turn coil of wire 1.0 cm in diameter is in a magnetic field that increases from 0.1 T to 0.3 T in 10 ms. The axis of the coil is parallel to the field, what is the emf of the coil?
The magnetic field inside a 5.0 cm diameter solenoid is 2.0 T and decreasing at 4.0 T/s What is the electric field strength inside the solenoid at a point
2.0 cm from the axis
on the axis
"so a changing B field produces an E field, and a changing E field creates a B field, so what came first the chicken or the egg?"
"Can we go over lenz's law? Is this related to Eddy currents?"
"Can you explain Faraday's Law in layman's terms?"
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