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Karen Yost

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of hrobick

Abusive and Alcoholic father
Six sisters
Pattyn starts to act out in school and in church. Her father decides he can't handle her behavior anymore and sends her away to live wiht her Aunt J, soon after arriving Pattyn falls in love with a boy named Ethen. Religion:
The whole family are strict Mormons, which teaches them women are beneath the men. Sisters:
Georgia Main Characters:
Pattyn's father
Aunt J
Ethen After Pattyn leaves to live with her Aunt, her mother gets pregnant with their first son. Now that her father can't take his anger out on her, he soon takes it out on the next oldest girl Jackie. School for Pattyn is a get away from her home life but soon even school is a struggle because of her ex-boyfriend Derek. Aunt J teaches Pattyn to do many things taht she wouldn't be able to learn other wise.
How to ride a horse
How to drive
How to love and accept herself Ethen is the best thing that ever happens to Pattyn and he loves her for who she is, which she doesn't have at home. Soon after coming back from Aunt J's Pattyn finds out she's pregnant.
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